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Service Manuals and Schematics / I need boardview samsung np530u3c lotus 13
« Last post by eletmoraes on 20 August 2018, 16:12:55 »
The notebook is not charging the lithium battery. I have the motherboard electrical schematic but I am needing the boardview to be able to figure out the battery charge failure.
SMD marking codes / Classcic Nike NFL Elite Jersey Review,Top Quality
« Last post by nbzu2ik on 20 August 2018, 11:06:41 »
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Forum / I need boardview samsung notebook np530u3c
« Last post by eletmoraes on 18 August 2018, 17:34:44 »

I need boardview to identify possible lithium battery charging failure
SMD marking codes / Re: SMD E7 diode? identify
« Last post by Johnyy on 10 August 2018, 13:45:01 »
And this one B20A6  , Thanks
SMD marking codes / Re: SMD E7 diode? identify
« Last post by Johnyy on 10 August 2018, 12:59:56 »
SMD marking codes / SMD E7 diode? identify
« Last post by Johnyy on 10 August 2018, 12:54:43 »
Hello there , i m new here and thanks for this forum , i will need a little help with a little smd part that have writhed on E7 , i belive is a diode , that control the power light led on a phone . i will atach some pics . maybe someone from here will tell me what part it is . i belive this part is broken because the phone was put in the water and on this part was water . the voltage is on but on the oather pin where going to led light display is 0 V .

SMD marking codes / Re: Transistor or Diode
« Last post by on 06 August 2018, 22:45:53 »
Please take a photo.
Service Manuals and Schematics / I need manual service of printer HP J3680
« Last post by eletmoraes on 06 August 2018, 22:28:10 »
I have an HP J3680 printer that I need to disassemble the whole printer to perform a general cleaning on it only I am having difficulty and doubt on how to remove the mechanical part of the printer.
SMD marking codes / Transistor or Diode
« Last post by bbop676 on 06 August 2018, 17:46:00 »
Hi. How do I tell if im looking at an smd transistor or a smd diode if the aren't any markings on the board and I cant find any reference to the markings on the circuit in any search? ie. HRKP and
SMD marking codes / Re: identify IC
« Last post by on 05 July 2018, 14:49:51 »
Not enough information.
Look these 2SD2324, GS6332UR15D1, MMBZ5251B, RT9169-33CV, SiP6332R15D1.
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