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SMD marking codes / Re: Need help. Chip identification for diode
« Last post by Winchell on 12 December 2017, 18:55:12 »
Hi Stefan, there are great Youtube tutorials for this. Look it up.
SMD marking codes / A4 SEE PICTURES what is that a diode??
« Last post by WannaDuino on 08 December 2017, 23:25:28 »
i ordered the wrong parts the S4 IN5817 or 19 but they are almost 2x smaller and not the same i presoome.
the ones i need has an A4 code and 3 or 4 vertical stripes.
but what, i need to replace it on my micro quadcopter
SMD marking codes / smd
« Last post by PiTBuLL on 30 November 2017, 21:34:20 »
Hi , i try to find on google but i dont have luck , who know what is this ?
SMD marking codes / Re: Need help. Chip identification for diode
« Last post by stefan bejan on 13 November 2017, 16:49:31 »

Please someone tell me how to use the SMD Marking Codes software
SMD marking codes / sot-23 device with smd code that I not can't find on the www
« Last post by pvdbos on 10 November 2017, 13:40:47 »
the code is: LoET7 and the ET has a line on the top of the E T and then a 7
can someone help my with this?!
SMD marking codes / Need help. Chip identification for diode
« Last post by yundanmin on 26 October 2017, 12:37:27 »
One diode marking code seems to be "L50".
The another diode marking code seems to be "L51". But the first character "L" looks as if it was a blur. It looks like a logo.
Forum / smd unknown type
« Last post by davidbi on 20 October 2017, 19:24:57 »
I have a sot-25 case with R5AM  printed as marking. It has 5 pins and it comes from a Roberts RD60 DAB radio position IC108. I am not sure if it is  a regulator of some type. If anyone has a good clue as to what it is I would be pleased to hear from you.
Service Manuals and Schematics / Aspire ES1-523 mb schematic
« Last post by Alfo22 on 06 October 2017, 19:44:25 »
It is possible to find the schematic of the C5W1R LA-D661P motherboard
REV: 1.0 that is mounted on the Aspire ES1-523 acer?

I attach the details photos

thank you
Service Manuals and Schematics / DABLIDMB8E0 REV E schematic is missing
« Last post by Sloue on 24 September 2017, 23:23:17 »
I can not find the electrical diagram of the motherboard DABLIDMB8E0 REV E.
Please, could someone help me and send it to me. Thank you in advance.
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