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Service Manuals and Schematics / Arnova 10b G3 tablet
« Last post by Tech12 on 20 April 2018, 15:01:59 »
Hi: Just found your excellent site, just wondering if anyone can point me in the direction of any service information on the above tablet.

Thanks: Andy
Forum / Re: laptop bios
« Last post by ashit ganthia on 18 April 2018, 22:26:19 »
good pm a new member here..i just wanna ask where we can bios of laptop..i try searching here but cant see one..thank you.
SMD marking codes / Pair of diodes and two transistor markings
« Last post by boomeral on 17 April 2018, 01:05:27 »

Can anyone here help me identify a pair of diode in a package and two FETs.
F1s is a pair or diode.
TR and TN are FETs.

SMD marking codes / dell sterio1558
« Last post by phoenix gsm on 11 April 2018, 14:59:02 »
 dell sterio1558 laptop Schematic Diagram any bro? :P
SMD marking codes / Found new data sheet for sot-23-5
« Last post by JayBee on 08 April 2018, 01:21:55 »
I just found a part, that was not listed in the smd marking list. Maybe you'll like to add it.

MCP73831 Charge Management Controller
The marking is Kxnn (x and n are variables, mine is actually KD44)

I hope this will be useful
Service Manuals and Schematics / Schematics LENOVO B5400
« Last post by slavomircbr on 02 April 2018, 16:08:21 »
Hello, could help me someone pls?
I would need schematics of LENOVO B5400 NTBook.
Can t find  :'(
SMD marking codes / SMR R540 1% C07c and SMR R560 1% C07c
« Last post by alexd on 28 March 2018, 13:18:08 »
Please help me with the identification of these two smd components: SMR R540 1% C07cc and SMR R560 1% C07c. These outgoing components indicate 0 ohms in measurement, and when connecting to the circuit, I get 0 ohms between the base and the emitter at the MJE2955T and MJE3055T pairs of transistors. Thanks in advance!
Forum / necesito archivo eprom viewsonic
« Last post by José cortez on 11 March 2018, 06:16:25 »
Hola necesito el archivo de la eprom del monitor viewsonic modelo vg2021wm usa la memoria 24LC16 tiene los datos borrados se agradece la ayuda colegas ...
SMD marking codes / APIC-D06
« Last post by praphank on 18 February 2018, 07:18:07 »

I'm looking for APIC-D06 data but can not find it. I need information.
SMD marking codes / Unknown component marked SF, SOT-323 form
« Last post by wojtekS on 10 February 2018, 14:59:10 »
Could someone identify this element?

There is only SF symbol marked on it. It is used to provide 3.4V from pin 5 to pin 6 going directly to msata SSD drive.

On pin 4 there is 0.3V when working.

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