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Service Manuals and Schematics / How to Judge the Quality of ECCA Wire
« Last post by xiuweetime on 15 November 2019, 05:17:15 »
The quality of ECCA Wire(XINYU-ENAMELEDWIRE) depends to a great extent on the quality of raw materials such as paint and wires and the objective conditions of machinery and equipment. However, if a series of problems such as baking, annealing and speed are not taken seriously in operation and their interrelations are not understood, operation technology is not mastered, tour work and parking and finishing work are not done seriously, and process sanitation is not done well, even if the objective conditions are better, high-quality ECCA wire cannot be produced. Therefore, the decisive factor for making ECCA wire well as a human being and human being's sense of responsibility for work.

First of all, before starting the catalytic combustion hot air circulation enamelling machine, the fan should be started to make the air in the furnace circulate at a slow speed. Preheating the hearth and the catalytic zone by electric heating to make the temperature of the catalytic zone reach the prescribed light-off temperature of the catalyst. Secondly, in the production operation of ECCA wire, the ECCA wire should also pay attention to the problems of explosion and fire.

There are several situations of burning: first, the whole furnace is completely burned, which is often caused by the over-high steam density or furnace temperature in the cross section of the furnace; Second, when threading, too much paint was applied to several wires, causing several wires to catch fire. In order to prevent fire, the process furnace temperature must be strictly controlled and the furnace must be ventilated smoothly. Then, the finishing work after parking mainly refers to cleaning the old glue at the furnace mouth, cleaning the paint cylinder and guide wheel, and doing a good job in the environmental sanitation of the ECCA wire and the surroundings. In order to keep the paint tank clean, if not working, the paint tank should be covered with paper to avoid the introduction of unclean things.

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Tap Filter & Shower Filter(KOKOELECTRIC)
 ensure the health of consumers to a certain extent. Industry experts for many years said: At present, tap water is affected by three aspects: the quality of water sources and the technology of tap water plants, as well as the secondary pollution during transportation and storage.

The market prospect of tap filter & shower filter is still very considerable. Tap water contains residual chlorine, rust, bacteria, heavy metals, colloid, and other harmful substances, which seriously endanger human health. Therefore, no one dares to drink tap water directly, and most of the tap water is still boiled for drinking. Therefore, the market prospect of tap filter & shower filter is in great demand. In order to solve these drinking water problems, a scientific point of view must be to sample and study the domestic water quality so as to develop tap filter & shower filter that conform to the local water quality. Real-time monitoring of water quality in various areas, so as to adjust the tap filter & shower filter product development. Judging from the penetration rate of water purifiers in developed countries, the number of tap filter & shower filter installed in China is less than 10%. Therefore, the tap filter & shower filter have great market potential.

The market prospect of tap filter & shower filter can meet the needs of consumers and occupy the market only by selecting a manufacturer with appropriate product cost-performance ratio. Tap filters and shower filters will replace bottled water, forming a peripheral competitive product for the current tap filter and shower filter industry, namely bottled water. The current situation of tap filter & shower filter industry is not the same industry, but bottled water. However, careful people will find that tap filter & shower filter are very suitable choices both in terms of cost and hygiene. Filter membranes for tap filter & shower filter are also very important. The market is also full of various famous filter membranes, PPcotton, etc. In fact, only one function is to filter impurities above a certain scale. Secondly, pay attention to whether the filter element can filter odor and improve taste (any filter element can do it with activated carbon water purifier, but the structure of the filter element has a different influence, life, and price difference).

The current market situation of tap filter & shower filter is developing at a rate of more than 40% every year. The market prospect of tap filter & shower filter is gradually moving from urbanization to villages and towns and even has begun to become rural. The market prospect of tap filter & shower filter predicts that the national scale of tap filter & shower filter will reach hundreds of billions in the next three to five years.

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Generally, it takes about one month to open a pair of Furniture Mould(FURNITUREMOULD), and it takes a long time to open a complex furniture mould. Usually, a furniture mould needs detailed examination and approval before opening the mould. After opening the furniture mould, the mould needs to be tested. The following items are required for furniture mould manufacturing:

1. The cooling (water passage) in furniture mould is related to factors such as product size, shape, plasticity and holding time.

2. The roughness of furniture mould cavity should reach "mirror level", otherwise the product is difficult to demould, the product needs too much power and is easy to be damaged when it pops up, and the roughness of positioning pin, clamping surface and other parts is regulated by standards.

3. The furniture mould should be rigid, otherwise the mould will deform when it is kept under pressure, causing "flash" to choose a reasonable exhaust position and its control amount, otherwise, the plastic will not be filled and the product will be "out of stock".

4. The injection moulding road should be reasonably selected so that the materials reach every place evenly (the flow paths are equal), and there should be enough storage space to supplement the plastic in the shrinkage process. Moreover, the shrinkage coefficient of each material is different, and the mould has a reasonable shrinkage rate.

5. The furniture mould and injection moulding machine shall be fixed in a reasonable and reliable manner to prevent accidents caused by displacement when the mould is closed. The disassembly is also very convenient. In addition, the furniture mould shall be selected with a reasonable demoulding method and an appropriate ejector pin position and quantity to ensure that the product will not be damaged during ejection.

Due to the volume change caused by crystallization during injection moulding of plastic varieties, the pressure during injection moulding is high, the viscosity difference of molten materials is small, the interlaminar shear stress is small, and the elastic rebound after demoulding is large, so the shrinkage during injection moulding can also be reduced appropriately. During injection moulding, the material temperature is high, the shrinkage is large, but the directivity is small.

Injection moulding is a very important process. As soon as the material enters the furniture mould, the mould temperature is lower and the melt temperature drops rapidly, while the density and viscosity of the melt are continuously increasing. The compensation ability of the melt depends on the size of the pressure maintaining pressure and the entire mould filling time during which the melt continues to be transferred into the mould. This process will continue until the gate is solidified and closed. Therefore, it can be considered that the pressure maintaining pressure and the pressure maintaining time have a great relationship with the shrinkage at this stage. If the pressure maintaining pressure is large and the pressure maintaining time is long, the shrinkage rate of the injection moulded products is relatively low.

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The digital printing fabric(WANSHIYITEX)
 does not use water or colour paste in the printing process. The use of dyes in the spray printing process is "distributed according to needs" by a computer, so that in the spray printing process, there is no waste of dyeing and chemical materials and no wastewater; in the spray printing process controlled by the computer, no noise is generated, so that no pollution is generated in the spray printing process, and a green production process is realized, so that the production of textile printing is freed from the production process of high energy consumption, high pollution and high noise in the past, the production process of low energy consumption and no pollution is realized, and a technological revolution is brought to the production of textile printing and dyeing.

The production of digitally printing fabric has really realized the production process of small-batch and quick reaction, and the production batch is not limited. As the production process of digital printing has all realized computerized digital production, the flexibility of production has been greatly improved, and some products can even be delivered on the same day. It is desirable to wait for the moment. In addition, due to the application of computer technology, the printing of a series of patterns of the same pattern and different shades, and the designers' continuous modification of patterns and colours in the production process, have become a major technological advantage of digital printing production, which is different from traditional printing production.

The production process of digitally printing fabric greatly shortens the original process route, has fast order receiving speed and greatly reduces proofing cost. As the production process of digital printing is free from the process of colour separation, drafting, film making and screen making in the production process of traditional printing, the production time is greatly shortened. The way to accept patterns can be through various advanced means such as CD-ROM and e-mail. Generally, the proofing time is not more than one working day, while the traditional proofing period is usually about one week.

In addition, due to the simplification of the process, the proofing cost is also greatly reduced. The shortening of proofing cycle and the reduction of proofing cost have undoubtedly brought more market opportunities to enterprises under the market competition law that time is money and efficiency is life.

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Super And Soft Plush Fabric(WARPKNITTEDFABRIC)
 can be understood literally, that is, there is a layer of velvet on the surface, which gives you more comfort. In winter, when we see this kind of fabric, we can't help but feel its warmth and comfort.

However, there are many kinds of super and soft plush fabric, such as short plush, plush, polar fleece, etc. The range of super and soft plush fabric is too wide. Let's take a look at one of them, what is polar fleece-like?

Polar fleece fabric is relatively soft. The most important thing is that it is lighter, easier to clean and dries very fast. The most important thing is that it can keep out the cold even if it gets wet. Lightweight polar fleece is more convenient and comfortable to wear on the body.

Polar fleece is actually knitted by small silver ingots. In the finishing process of polar fleece, a process of "shaking" is added, and a special shaking machine will be used for finishing. Polar fleece is woven and then processed through a series of program finishing processes.

Polar fleece is napped and pilled on the front, with fluffy particles but no lint. The backside is sparsely brushed but well-proportioned, with a short nap and good fluffy elasticity. Polar fleece is soft and warm. The main component of polar fleece is polyester fiber. Polar fleece has the advantages of good elasticity, good heat resistance, wear resistance, lightweight and good warmth retention. Polar fleece has another advantage: it is easy to handle and can be washed with water.

Polar fleece can also be compounded with other fabrics, which can make the cold-proof effect better. Now polar fleece has begun to lead the new trend of wearing and fitting. Polar fleece can unlock different wearing and fitting methods in winter.

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Next, I'll show you several ways to weld Aluminum Winding Wire(XINYU-ENAMELEDWIRE)
. First, terminals can be crimped. Second, special aluminum welding wire and flux are used for welding. Finally, high-temperature aluminum flux is used for welding.

The common welding method for aluminum winding wire is to use special flux-cored wire to weld with an electric soldering iron. Usually, aluminum winding wire with a smaller diameter is welded with the bare aluminum welding wire, aluminum alloy welding wire, and copper wire. If this welding method is selected, the welding method for welding workpiece formation is better, with reliable quality and convenient operation.

Welding instructions: during welding, the welding head shall contact the welded body as much as possible, and the welding wire shall be sent to the welding head to melt the welding wire and complete the welding. this method can make the welding flux in the welding wire fully contact with the board surface and achieve the best welding effect. For the welding of aluminum winding wire and aluminum wires, the two wires are usually connected by twisting after painting, so the size of twisting directly affects the welding effect. The larger the twisting, the greater the amount of tin filling, the stronger the welding between the two wires. For the newly welded aluminum winding wire, don't be too impatient to pull by hand, need to be thoroughly cooled, and then check its reliability. For unused solder wire, we will use a lighter to burn the welding wire head into a ball shape to avoid the loss of liquid flux in the welding wire and affect the next welding.

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Service Manuals and Schematics / Preparation of Crate Mould Before Commissioning
« Last post by xiuumin on 06 November 2019, 06:12:25 »
1. Drawing inspection.

The debugging of Crate Mould(FURNITUREMOULD)
 must be started according to the mould debugging notice issued by the external cooperation department or the production department. The first step is to review the drawings. Here, there are two drawings, one is the product drawings for mould debugging and the other is the mould drawings. According to the product drawings, we can know the required materials, geometric dimensions, functions and appearance requirements of the product, such as colours, spots, impurities, joint marks, depressions, etc. According to the mould drawings, we can know the equipment selected for mould debugging, whether the technical parameters are consistent with the mould requirements, whether the tools and accessories are complete, and pass the drawings to the next process after review.

2. Equipment inspection.

Check the oil circuit, water circuit, circuit and mechanical moving parts of the equipment used, maintain the equipment as required, and check the technical parameters of the equipment: the diameter of the positioning ring, the size of the nozzle sphere R, the nozzle aperture, the minimum mould thickness, the maximum mould thickness, the mould moving stroke, the pull rod spacing, the ejection method, etc. should be full.

According to the requirements of sufficient mould testing, make preparations before starting up. The mould testing equipment should be consistent with the machines in future production. This is because the technical parameters of the equipment are related to the technical standards of the mould testing products. Temperature fluctuation, pressure change range, empty cycle time and stability of mechanical and hydraulic transmission will affect the quality of the product. The moulding conditions may need to be changed when the mould is tested with equipment with large mould clamping force and replaced with injection machines with small mould clamping force.

3. Material preparation.

Check whether the specifications, models, brands, additives and colour masterbatch of the processed plastic raw materials meet the requirements, and dry the raw materials with high humidity to determine the ratio.

In principle, the raw materials shall be those specified in the drawings, because the die is designed according to the physical and mechanical properties of the raw materials, and the die structure can also be tested with the raw materials with good fluidity, easy rapid curing and good thermal stability, so that the distribution of various parts, rounded corners, wall thickness and reinforcing ribs of the product can be truly reflected, which can be used as a reference for modifying the die of the crate.

4. Mould inspection.

Before installing the crate mould to the injection machine, the mould should be checked according to the mould drawing so as to find out the problems in time and repair the mould. According to the assembly drawing of the injection mould, the external dimension of the mould, the dimension of the positioning ring, the dimension of the inlet of the main runner, the dimension of the sphere R matched with the nozzle, the inlet and outlet of cooling water, the height and width of the pressing plate cushion block, the gating system of the mould, the mould cavity, etc. need to be opened for mould inspection. When the movable mould and the fixed mould of the mould are separated, the direction mark should be paid attention to avoid mistake when closing.

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Copper Clad Aluminum Winding Wire(XINYU-ENAMELEDWIRE)
 is wired with aluminum core wires as the main body and a certain amount of copper layer coated on the outside. Because the main function of this kind of wire is to transmit signals, the current flowing through it is very small. However, since the conductivity of aluminum is only 2/3 of that of copper, the national standard stipulates that it is necessary to use non-metal plated or metal-plated annealed copper wire as conductor for any wire or cable used for power transmission, and aluminum wire is prohibited as a conductor.

Copper and aluminum in copper clad aluminum winding wire are two metals with different electrode potentials. Copper and aluminum are exposed in the atmosphere on its end face. If the humidity in the atmosphere is high, the end face absorbs fine water molecules and accumulates into fine water droplets. Because there are coal-burning products or exhaust gases from many motor vehicles in the atmosphere, which are rich in SO2. SO2 is oxidized to SO3 in air and dissolved in small water droplets to form H2SO4 which corrodes the battery in acid solution, and then becomes electrolyte solution to corrode the battery. In this corroded battery, aluminum is corroded because of its low electrode potential. Even if a piece of metal is placed in an electrolyte solution without touching other metals, corrosion cells similar to the above will occur. For example, copper is often rich in a few impurities, and the potential of the impurities is usually higher than that of copper. When acidic water droplets exist on the surface of copper, the battery is formed, causing copper to suffer corrosion.

In order to avoid electrochemical corrosion of copper clad aluminum winding wire ends, the best method is to isolate the ends from the atmosphere and avoid corrosion of copper clad aluminum winding wire. Currently, two methods can be adopted:

1. Electroplating method to avoid corrosion of copper clad aluminum winding wires: plating a layer of copper on the butt joint of copper clad aluminum winding wires, but it takes too long (40 minutes). However, it is not a big problem to apply it in companies that produce copper clad aluminum winding wires, because many joints can be electroplated together. It is very difficult to plate copper on the surface of the aluminum.

2. The way to avoid corrosion of copper clad aluminum winding wires is to apply copper colored quick-drying paint: dry in less than two minutes, and the color is appropriate to copper. This is very convenient for users who use copper clad aluminum winding wire. Because the user can cut the wiring at any position, the broken end must be exposed in the air. In order to avoid electrochemical corrosion after long exposure, quick-drying paint can be applied to the end immediately. Copper and aluminum in the cross-section of copper clad aluminum winding wire are directly touched together. If electrolyte exists on the outer surface, electrochemical corrosion will occur. If the copper clad aluminum winding wire is placed indoors for a long time, electrochemical corrosion will not occur if the indoor humidity is not high. If it is exposed outdoors, the corrosion appearance will not be too severe if the corrosion object covers its end, but significant corrosion appearance will occur under the condition of frequent water.

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Forum / about laptop lenono g50
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may be you could help to have shematic diagram for mother broad desktop Dell optiplex 3010

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