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SMD marking codes / SMD SC... SOT-363
« Last post by rix_lv on Today at 17:45:21 »
Service Manuals and Schematics / Re: schematics samsung galaxy s3 neo gt-I9301i
« Last post by Genen on 03 January 2017, 09:56:37 »
hello,please i need schematics for my samsung galaxy s3 neo gt-I9301i.thanks

Hi qban did you find the schematics?
Service Manuals and Schematics / jdsu mts 6000
« Last post by pieroalampi on 19 December 2016, 22:18:48 »
Hello everyone, I'm looking for a circuit scheme of an OTDR JDSU mts 6000, can someone help me, also the photo of the motherboard is fine,because some components are burned and i dont understand the type and value.
Forum / Battery Connection on Motherboard
« Last post by djb on 17 December 2016, 23:34:49 »
Hi All!

I just upgraded my Acer Aspire e 15 from 6 gB to10gB ram  and have disconnected something somewhere. The laptop boots but will not run when not connected to AC.

Any advice on where to look would be most appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
SMD marking codes / Unknow device code
« Last post by TomiX on 14 December 2016, 14:39:52 »

 I canot identify this component marked KV5TH in motherbord for digital HD receiver "ATLAS HD200Se"

and in the same motherbord for the first series "ATLAS HD200S" is marked CU2PD..

im suspect the SY8009a and tlv62565 are the equivalent but your help is needed to confirm this...
I am try to searching for 58C3GXK data sheet but not see detail on it ,Please help to recommend for me too.Thank you
Service Manuals and Schematics / Hp pavilion 15-n
« Last post by kophyoe123 on 07 December 2016, 07:19:18 »
hp pavilion 15-n013tx schematic plase......
SMD marking codes / Re: B58077 data sheet
« Last post by praphank on 01 November 2016, 14:03:29 »
Any body know ?????
SMD marking codes / NEW smd code KJ
« Last post by menotbug on 12 October 2016, 17:26:02 »
i got something like transistor with smd code KJ:
it so hard to look for until i found 2SK2036/2SK2037

bo th are discontinued TOSHIBA MOSFET

though im not sure if its the right device for me, at least you can add to database... :)

NB: im posting via mobile, it seem like im not able to upload datasheet...
Service Manuals and Schematics / Digital Video Recording for CCTV system
« Last post by mmscctv on 02 October 2016, 17:10:16 »
Hi frend,...

anyone have a schematic or service manual for CCTV Digital Video Recording system? please help me, because I really want to learn. thanks for any help you all ..
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