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In foreign countries, the in mould labels technology has been widely used for a long time, and has been gradually derived to China in recent years. This new technology is not only recognized by the industry, but also widely used rapidly.

In mould labels are divided into blow moulding and injection in mould labels. Blow moulding in mould labels products are a process in which printed composite material labels are sent to a bottle blowing mould cavity with a special structure through special mechanical equipment, and labels and plastic bottles are dissolved into a whole by using the extruded plastic temperature and blown air pressure. The process is mainly applicable to plastic packaging products made of PE and PP materials.

Advantages of in mould labels:

1. Play the role of anti-counterfeiting

The high technical content of in mould labels is an effective defense against forgery, mainly from selecting high-quality materials and making in mould labels to the design structure and production process of labeling production equipment and moulds, etc. should be closely coordinated with each other and cannot be produced unilaterally, thus increasing the difficulty of forgery.

2. In mould labels can improve the grade of products

Die label products are more beautiful than silk-screen and out-of-mould labeling products, with brighter colors and smooth handfeel.

(1) It is inevitable for social development to design more in pursuit of the aesthetics and interest of commodities.

(2) Attracting in the form of beauty and embodying the sense of the times with concise, clear and generous practicality.

3. The in mould labels product has strong practicability and low loss. Compared with silk-screen printing and out-of-mould label products, the in mould labels product has no ink dropping, label sticking, label dropping and damage, and has the functions of extrusion resistance, water resistance, oil resistance, mould resistance, friction resistance, acid and alkali resistance, cooling and heat resistance, so that the label is not easy to be damaged and stained under special circumstances.

4. The price of in mould labels products is similar to that of adhesive sticker and silk screen products. The use of in mould labels can improve the efficiency without manual labeling, thus eliminating the production link of re-labeling.

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The cationic fabric have particularly strong adsorption on metal dyes, so they can be dyed at room temperature. (For example, real silk and polyester products must be dyed in order to make several polyester filaments in the products have color, but the high-temperature dyeing property of polyester will destroy the quality of real silk, so cationic filaments can be used instead to dye at normal temperature to ensure the quality. )

Fabrics woven from cationic modified fibers have the following characteristics when dyed with cationic dyes:

1. Bright color tone and good deep dyeing property;

2. High exhaustion rate (high dye uptake rate);

3. Good fastness to sunlight and smoke fading;

4. Good dye compatibility during color matching dyeing;

5. Good stability in high temperature dyeing bath;

6. Low staining to other fibers including common polyester fibers;

7. The diffusion rate into the fiber is fast and there is no ring dyeing phenomenon.

8. When pH value in dyeing bath changes, dye stability is high.

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Choosing a cosmetics is actually the same as falling in love with a dress and a handbag. At the first sight of it, the heartache comes from deep inside. In addition to the intrinsic quality of the product, the external cosmetics packaging containers have to be the focus of attention. It is very important to choose a quality Cosmetics packaging factory .

Cosmetics packaging bottles are fashionable objects for modern women, and more and more new products have been released to pay attention to this point. They show different tastes with touching details, smooth lines and distinguished signs.

For cosmetics, what kind of effect the product itself will have on the skin, how it smells and how long it will take to take effect, these seem to be a big criterion for us to consider whether the product is good or bad. In addition, cosmetics packaging containers are also a very important factor, especially at present, beautiful and delicate cosmetics packaging bottle design is one of the most indispensable strategies in brand marketing. The way and appearance of each product is like reading a hidden story, which always surprises people. I'm afraid it is also the original intention of designers who create various cosmetics bottles to make users feel this way. When cosmetics and fragrances are placed in such cosmetics bottles, their beauty will be even more dazzling, and every outstanding cosmetics bottle design is elaborately carved by designers, which is worthy of our careful collection.

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On the one hand, urban solar wall light are closely related to citizens' lives, and their operation directly affects the image of the Party and the government. China solar wall light manufacturers must enhance their awareness of the maintenance work of solar wall light and enhance their sense of responsibility through education. On the other hand, with the acceleration of scientific and technological progress in cities and the extensive application of new technologies, maintenance personnel are required to constantly update their professional knowledge of maintenance to meet the needs of work.

With the expansion of cities and the increase of the number of solar wall lights and service areas, the workload of maintenance personnel has increased greatly. Without increasing personnel, it is necessary to constantly improve and update maintenance equipment to improve work efficiency.

On the basis of delimiting the management area of solar wall lights, Chinese manufacturers of solar wall lights implement the responsibility system of maintenance at different levels. They should make regular inspection and regular maintenance.

Solar wall light is a kind of outdoor lighting fixture, which is usually installed on the light pole below 6 meters. Its main components are composed of light source, lights and light panel. Solar wall light has diversified and beautiful appearance.

1. the solar wall light is made of high-quality PC pipe, which is waterproof, dustproof, pressure resistant, cracked, high temperature resistant, low temperature resistant, flame retardant, impact resistant, anti-aging and anti-ultraviolet.

2. Stable and reliable, not easy to break, and extremely low maintenance cost.

Compared with high-voltage neon lights, solar wall lights are antistatic and have strong interference. Is a semiconductor device, low failure rate can save a lot of maintenance costs. The working voltage of LED outdoor light is only about 20VDC, even 10VDC can work normally, and the human body is always a safe voltage.

3. Super energy-saving and environment-friendly lighting cold light source with no radiation and no pollution.

Because the solar wall light directly converts about 90% of the electric energy into visible light, it has high luminous efficiency and basically does not generate heat. With the same luminous brightness, the power can be as low as one tenth of the traditional electric light source. If it is used for a long time, the energy-saving effect is considerable.

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Movie About You is a full cycle video agency based in Vancouver.

Since 2013 we have produced more than five hundred videos for local businesses.

The goal of Movie About You is to help you transform your message into a visual format that will touch the hearts of your target audience. When you release a video, you have the opportunity to engage with your audience, change their world, open their eyes, and make them feel...

Please get in touch with us if you are looking to produce or edit any of the following:

Corporate videos
Video interviews
Promotional videos
Online courses
Event videos
Video testimonials
Training videos
An intro & outro for your vlog

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Подготовка багажа, погрузочно-разгрузочные работы и транспортирование
Сотрудники нашей фирмы рады оперативно и на должном уровне решить вашу задачу по транспортировке абсолютно любого груза: транспортировка вещей, предметов мебели, фортепьяно, рояля, сейфа, габаритных и крупногабаритных грузов, бытовой техники, строительных материалов, и др.
Поднятие на любые этажи. Разборка, сборка, упаковка мебели. Обеспечиваем бережное отношение к грузу. Мы работаем без выходных дней и в любое время.

Грузоперевозки Николаев
In recent years, Aluminum Solid Panel has entered the home decoration, and is widely used because of its smooth surface, colorful, strong impact resistance, convenient cleaning, strong durability and quick construction. Aluminum solid panel is divided into two categories: exterior wall engineering panel and interior wall decoration panel, and the latter is generally used in home decoration. Aluminum solid panel are divided into two types: double-sided and single-sided. The surfaces of double-sided aluminum solid panel are rust-proof high-strength aluminum alloy panels. Sprayed on the front and aluminum panel on the back. However, the single-sided aluminum solid panel has only one layer of aluminum alloy panel on its surface, which is inferior in strength and cheaper in price. Surface painting quality, good aluminum-plastic adopts imported hot-pressing spraying technology, and the paint film has uniform color and strong adhesion, so it is not easy to take off paint after scratching.

The aluminum solid panel for home decoration is generally used in restaurants, kitchens, bathrooms and room heating covers, partitions and other shapes. During construction, the base surface of the panel should be dry and flat, and it is best to use multilayer panel and blockboard as the bottom layer to prevent cracking and deformation. Secondly, when pasting the aluminum solid panel, pay attention to the uniform coating. When the super glue thinner volatilizes, it can be pasted by hand without sticking to it, and then it can be compacted with a wooden hammer. Third, the aluminum solid panel should be divided into several pieces according to the design requirements when in use. It should not be used in whole or large area, otherwise it will easily lead to empty drum and glue opening. Fourth, the joint tongue-and-groove of aluminum solid panel is generally sealed with glass glue, which must be even and full when sealing, and the surface should be cleaned after drying to make the line thickness consistent.

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After several days of cool weather, the temperature began to rise again today. The highest temperature will climb to 30 degrees and the scorching sun will return again. A refrigerated Ice Cream Showcase can not only ensure the delicious taste of ice cream, but also meet the display requirements.

The lower part of the ice cream showcase is provided with a compressor and a refrigeration pipeline. The door of the display cabinet is a movable glass door, and the cabinet is internally provided with a food decoration board with a ladder-shaped size. The ice cream showcase adopts the movable glass door, so that ice cream of various flavors can be displayed in the cabinet at a glance, and meanwhile, pollution of dust, flies, mosquitoes and the like is isolated, and the ice cream showcase is clean and sanitary.

As the anti-fog conductive film is adopted on the transparent glass on the display surface of the ice cream showcase, the frost fog phenomenon of the transparent glass caused by the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the ice cream showcase can be eliminated after the conductive film is heated, thus being beneficial for people to observe the food displayed in the ice cream showcase.

To choose a good ice cream showcase, one cannot only measure it in terms of price. Because these refrigeration equipment itself is relatively expensive, wouldn't it be a small loss and a big gain if we had to exchange them for two or three years? In addition, the prices of different types of products are also different, and you can consider them comprehensively according to capacity, power and other factors.

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From the following two characteristics, we can properly understand the concrete quality of the Trash Can Mould . Here we only make a specific introduction of plastic materials, and more specifically, we only compare PP polypropylene resin.

1. It can directly distinguish the concavity and convexity of the trash can mould quality in appearance and hand feeling. The trash can mould made of new materials is crystal clear in appearance, translucent, mottled, smooth in hand feeling and without any obvious abrupt appearance. However, the appearance of the mould with the secondary material return will be mottled and dim, which is easy to distinguish.

2. Distinguishing by heating method, a trash can mould made of brand-new polypropylene material will be softened and easy to melt and deform when heated at high temperature, while the trash can mould made of recycled materials will be directly blackened and carbonized, so that the quality of the trash can mould can be clearly determined. It is also due to this factor that direct sunlight is prevented in storage as far as possible, and the quality guarantee time of the trash can mould is more lasting.

Summing up the above two points, we can see that the most important factor affecting the quality of the trash can mould is the raw materials. The quotation of new materials must be much higher than the quotation of two or more returns. Therefore, the simplest way to distinguish the quality is the concavity and convexity of the quotation of the trash can mould. There is always a reason why you are expensive.

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Die Casting Manufacturer can be specifically used in construction, hardware, equipment, construction machinery and other large machinery, machine tools, ships, aerospace, automobiles, locomotives, electronics, computers, electrical appliances, lamps and other industries, many people contact all day long, but in fact do not understand.

The carrier film on the surface of die castings has corrosion resistance, so it does not need further treatment in many applications. Some mechanical methods, the die castings and the selected abrasives and polishing agents are installed in a roller for rolling and grinding, and a good smooth surface can be obtained. Polishing can make the casting surface smooth and reflective, but the final effect depends to some extent on the hardness of the alloy type. Shot peening can obtain a matte surface, while wire brushing can obtain a flat matte surface. Some treatment methods, such as electroplating, painting and anodic treatment, can improve corrosion resistance and make parts look beautiful.

For die castings, various chemical dip coating methods can be used to obtain decorative corrosion resistant coatings. Die castings can be painted further or not. When abrasion resistance is required, chemical treatment alone is not enough, but it can be used as pretreatment before painting. Excess chemical solution on the surface can be washed off with clear water, then dried with cloth or dried naturally. If the die castings are to be painted, they must be finished as soon as possible and do not contaminate the die castings as much as possible. With suitable primer, die castings can be enameled, painted and varnished as easily as other materials.

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