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Installation of Aluminum Honeycomb Panel erection stand:

1. Connect the corner joint with anti-corrosion glue type square gasket, spring washer, and pair of threaded bolts to fix the keel by hand.

2. Butt the top of the keel to the marked position, and fix the spot welding angle code temporarily.

3. The vertical error of the 2-meter guiding rule compared with the keel is 2mm until the three-dimensional alignment.

4. Review the diameter, and make comparison according to the setting-out method.

5. The full welding angle code shall be in contact with the embedded parts. The welding height shall be 6-8mm, and the lines shall be smooth. No bubbles and slag inclusion are allowed.

6. Remove slag and rust, and apply antirust paint twice.

Installation of aluminum honeycomb panel beam:

1. According to the construction drawing frame draw beam position axis.

2. Weld and fix the angle code according to the mark line position.

3. Place the crossbeam between the two corner yards, and fine-tune it to the position where it enters and exits and to the level of the upright surface.

4. Positive levelness and access position.

5. Full welding.

6. De-slagging and derusting secondary antirust paint coating.

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For the Top Open Door Freezer in summer, many small partners encounter such situations. After using it for a period of time, the freezer will be cleaned inside and outside in time, but there will still be peculiar smell. At this time, we need to carry out some thorough deodorization methods for the freezer.

1. We can buy a few onions, cut them into small pieces, put them in every corner of our freezer, wait for several hours, and then cut the onions into smaller pieces.

2. We can take some fresh 5 orange peels, wash them and put them in every corner of the freezer.

3. Or we can use 50 grams of scented tea in gauze bags, and put it in the freezer can also remove odor, usually after a month to take it to the sun exposure can be used repeatedly.

4. Finally, fresh lemon slices can be used, and the slices placed in the freezer can also remove the peculiar smell in the freezer, and also have the function of aromatherapy.

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The die steel material processed by Stool Mould fittings has high hardness, which requires the die processing equipment to have thermal stability and high reliability.

For complex cavities and multi-functional composite moulds, with the complexity of the shape of the workpiece, it is necessary to improve the design and manufacturing level of the mould. A multi-functional composite mould in which multiple grooves and multiple materials are formed or assembled into components in a set of moulds requires a large amount of processing and programming programs, high comprehensive cutting ability and high stability for high-depth cavities, and increases the processing difficulty.

The machining quality of stool mould accessories includes machining precision and surface quality: machining precision is the degree of conformity between the actual size, shape and position of the machined part surface and the ideal geometric parameters required by the drawings; The deviation value between the actual geometric parameters and ideal geometric parameters of parts is called machining error.

Machining accuracy and machining error are terms for evaluating geometric parameters of machined surfaces. Machining accuracy is measured by tolerance grade. The smaller the grade value, the higher the accuracy. Machining error is expressed by numerical value. The larger the numerical value, the larger the error. High machining accuracy means small machining error and vice versa. The actual parameters obtained by any machining method will not be absolutely accurate. From the function of the part, as long as the machining error is within the tolerance range required by the part drawing, the machining accuracy is considered to be guaranteed.

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With the development of landscape light, the service life of landscape lights can be very long. If the landscape light break down during use, there are four main reasons.

1. Poor construction quality

Faults caused by construction quality account for a large proportion. The main manifestations are as follows: first, the depth of cable trench is not enough and the paving of sand cover bricks is not carried out according to the standard; Second, the manufacture and installation of corridor tubes do not meet the requirements, and the ends are not made into mouthwash according to the standard. Third, when laying cables, they are dragged on the ground. Fourth, the embedded pipe of the foundation is not constructed according to the standard requirements, mainly because the embedded pipe is too thin and has a certain degree of bending, which makes it quite difficult to pass through the cable. The landscape light manufacturer has "dead bending" at the bottom of the foundation. Fifth, the thickness of wire nose crimping and insulation wrapping is not enough, which will cause interphase short circuit after long-term operation.

2. The materials do not pass the test.

Judging from the faults handled in recent years, the low quality of materials is also a big factor. The main manifestations are: the wires contain less aluminum, the wires are relatively hard, and the insulation layer is thin. This kind of situation is more common in recent years.

3, supporting engineering quality but hard

Landscape light cables are usually laid on sidewalks. Poor pavement construction quality and subsidence of the ground make the cable deformed under stress, resulting in cable armouring. In particular, the northeast region is located in a high and cold region. When winter comes, the cable and soil will form a whole. Once the ground subsides, it will be strained at the bottom of the landscape light foundation, and when there is much rain in summer, it will burn off at the foundation root.

4. unreasonable design

On the one hand, it is overload operation. With the continuous development of urban construction, landscape lights also continue to extend. When new landscape lights are built, they are often connected to the circuit that is close to the landscape light. In addition, the advertising industry has developed rapidly in recent years, and the advertising load is also connected to the landscape lights accordingly, which makes the landscape lights overloaded, cables overheated, insulation reduced, and short circuit to ground etc. On the other hand, when designing the light pole, only the light pole's own situation is considered, ignoring the space of the cable head. After the cable head is wrapped, most of the doors cannot be closed. Sometimes the cable length is not enough, and the joint fabrication does not meet the requirements. This is also the cause of the failure.

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Aluminum panel, also known as profiled aluminum panel, corrugated aluminum panel and Aluminum Corrugated Panel , is a kind of profiled panel formed by rolling and cold bending aluminum panel into various wave types.

Colored steel panel is a pressure panel made of colored coated steel panel through roll bending into various wave forms.

Many customers have been entangled between aluminum panel and color steel panel. They have a lot in common. For example, they are all suitable for industrial and civil construction, warehouse, special construction, roof, wall surface and interior and exterior wall decoration of large-span structures. They all have the characteristics of light weight, high strength, rich color, convenient and fast construction, earthquake resistance, fire prevention, rain prevention, etc.

There are also differences between them. For example, the cost of aluminum panel is high, which is twice as much as that of colored steel panel. The scrap of aluminum panel accounts for 80% of the aluminum panel itself, so the scrap can be recovered and has high value. However, the cost of colored steel panels is low, the scrap cannot be recovered, and the recovery price is too low. The life span of color steel panel is one to two years, and that of aluminum panel is ten or even twenty years.

In today's society, when the labor cost is too high, I suggest to use aluminum panel. Aluminum panel has a longer service life, higher recovery rate, higher recovery price and longer service life than color steel panel.

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After you own the freezer, China freezer suppliers have some tips that can help you. Let's take a look at the introduction.

Precautions before using the new freezer:

The new freezer should be left for two hours and then powered on. The electricity must be pre-cooled three hours before storage, and then the product can be placed only when the freezer temperature drops below minus 18 degrees Celsius.

Daily maintenance of freezer:

1) There is good ventilation space around the freezer to avoid direct sunlight.

2) Operation of freezing chamber requires stable voltage and is equipped with independent power socket.

3) Dust on condenser fan and condenser shall be cleaned regularly.

The following sections need to be checked:

1) The power plug of the freezer or freezer is not plugged into the power socket.

2) Is there a power outlet?

3) Whether power is cut off.

4) Are fuses and circuit breakers open?

5) Seek professional maintenance personnel to solve the problem.

Poor heat dissipation in commercial freezers:

1) Whether the temperature regulator is set too high.

2) Whether the food is stored too much or in overheated food.

3) often open or seal the door is not strict.

4) There are direct sunlight sources or heat sources near freezers and freezers.

5) Poor ventilation around.

Commercial freezer smells:

1) Whether there is no food with rich flavor packaged.

2) Have you cleaned the freezer for a long time?

Frozen food freezing:

1) If the temperature of the refrigerating chamber is too low, please adjust the thermostat knob to the appropriate position.

2) If the ambient temperature is lower than 5 C, please raise the temperature.

3) Whether foods with high moisture content are placed deep in the shelves.

The freezer is noisy:

1) Is the floor firm and level?

2) Whether freezers and freezers are placed stably.

3) Is the backrest close to the wall?

4) Whether it is in contact with vibrating objects.

After-sales service for freezer failure:

1) Communicate with customer service personnel for the first time, and contact after-sales customers for handling.

2) For other refrigeration cabinets, please transfer the goods to avoid losses.

Maintenance identification method of freezer:

1) The freezer is not covered by the warranty and the factory is not responsible for compensation.

2) The storage capacity of the cold storage exceeds the load line; Cold food mixed with mineral water; Cold storage places are poorly ventilated and chemicals will form under direct sunlight.

3) Chemical products caused by non-product quality will not be compensated. The customer did not respond to the chemical products during the maintenance process, and the service personnel did not see the chemical products at the door. Since then, they have been unable to obtain evidence and therefore cannot obtain compensation.

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There are many types of Household Product Mould . Even for the same type of moulds, the initial and precision requirements are different due to different types of formed plastics. Therefore, the assembly drawing should be carefully studied and analyzed before assembly. The part drawing should understand the effect, characteristics and skill requirements of each part, and confirm the installation benchmark. After installation, the quality indexes of the products, the action precision of the moulds and various skill requirements in the use process are finally fully achieved.

1. Installation benchmark, installation benchmark can be roughly divided into:

(1) The main working parts in the plastic mould, such as core, cavity and insert, are taken as the installation reference parts, and other parts of the mould are all equipped with installation reference parts for manufacturing and installation.

(2) Trimming and installing with the template side base surface of the guide pillar guide sleeve or the die as the installation reference surface.

2. mould installation precision, mould installation precision includes:

(1) the accuracy of each part, such as distance dimension accuracy, coaxiality, equality, straightness, etc.

(2) relative motion accuracy, such as transmission accuracy, linear motion and reverse motion accuracy, etc.

(3) cooperation precision and touch precision, such as cooperation gap, interference touch, etc.

(4) The wall thickness of plastic forming parts shall be offset to the lower limit of the dimension when new moulds are made.

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The main reason for the occurrence of mould spots in oxidation of Lead Die Casting is the release agent. If the mold release agent with poor quality is selected, it will cause serious corrosion to the lead die casting. Once the oxidized parts of the lead die casting are placed for a long time, white spots will appear on the surface of the lead die casting, and the black effect will appear after the white spots are removed, which is the so-called mildew spot.

If the oxidation of lead die casting is in the above-mentioned situation, mold spots will occur, so in the process of processing lead die casting, mold release agents with good quality should be selected as far as possible, and attention should be paid to processing details to avoid these problems.

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Compared with waterproof canvas, waterproof nylon fabric is cheaper, so cheap is a big advantage of nylon, and nylon also occupies a big advantage in production. Canvas is different. The density of canvas directly affects the physical and mechanical indexes of fabric, such as appearance, hand feeling, thickness, strength, increased resistance, permeability, abrasion resistance and thermal performance, making canvas need more than nylon in production.

In order to better protect the goods, the demand for waterproof fabric is increasing in the market at present, and waterproof canvas and waterproof nylon fabric are the choices of more customers. What is the difference between waterproof canvas and waterproof nylon fabric?

In order to meet the demand of waterproof cloth in the market, many canvas manufacturers have introduced various types of waterproof cloth products. According to the quality of waterproof cloth, many types can be divided. Waterproof nylon fabric products, nylon chemical products and nylon production costs are very low. Canvas, nylon and canvas used to make cloth all have their own advantages.

Compared with waterproof canvas, waterproof nylon fabric is cheaper, so cheap is a big advantage of nylon, and nylon also occupies a big advantage in production. Canvas is different. The density of canvas directly affects the physical and mechanical indexes of fabric, such as appearance, hand feeling, thickness, strength, increased resistance, permeability, abrasion resistance and thermal performance, making canvas need more than nylon in production.

In addition, the density of canvas is also related to the price of products and the size of production efficiency. However, the quality of canvas has advantages. Whether in life or in use time, the time of using canvas is much longer than that of using nylon. For the characteristics and use of waterproof cloth, under some special circumstances, if it can be more open, the use of waterproof cloth products will become more diversified.

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The market demand for solar outdoor lights is increasing. Solar outdoor lights have become the choice for outdoor lighting due to their light weight, good energy saving effect and flexible installation. With the improvement of solar outdoor light manufacturer in the industry, the permeability and lighting effect of solar outdoor lights have been greatly improved.

The solar outdoor light belongs to light control, but there is no need to add a light sensor separately. The opening of the solar outdoor light is determined by the output voltage of the photovoltaic panel. However, when the street light needs to be lit in the dark, the output voltage of the photovoltaic panel will also drop. When the voltage drops to a certain finger (such as 5v), the microcontroller in the controller will automatically turn on the electronic switch to light the street light.

Today, in our life, solar energy is also a kind of project benefiting the people. It is much more cost-effective for solar outdoor lights to generate electricity through solar energy than it is for us to generate electricity through thermal power. This is the fundamental reason why many countries, including China, are vigorously promoting this method. It is very cost-effective to generate electricity through solar energy, whether from the national or individual aspects.

The use of solar outdoor lights is an economical and environmentally friendly way of generating electricity and can fully meet people's actual needs. The development and use of solar outdoor lights to make solar energy serve human beings has many advantages, which fully conforms to people's environmental protection concept and enables more friends to fully understand and realize the advantages of using solar energy, thus meeting people's lighting needs.

One of the main reasons why the solar outdoor light can be developed so well is that it has great advantages in environmental protection and energy saving. For example, the solar outdoor light does not contain heavy metals of lead, which protects the environment well and can convert most of the electric energy into light energy. If the quality is not good, it will be affected in both aspects, thus the purpose of people using the solar outdoor light will be lost and the market will be lost.

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