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Service Manuals and Schematics / Uncover Why Solar DC Freezer Produces Noise
« Last post by bailing on 10 September 2020, 04:14:45 »
As we all know, the Solar DC Freezer always makes sound during work, and many manufacturers try their best to reduce the sound to a level that does not affect us. If the solar DC freezer makes a loud noise during work, it is called noise. But this kind of noise seriously affects our life. What's going on?

In fact, there is a lot of noise in the operation of the solar DC freezer, so it can be judged that something is wrong with it. Because only in this way will its sound exceed our normal tolerance and become noise. Therefore, once we encounter such a situation, we should repair it in time, so as not to stop causing greater damage to the solar DC freezer in time, and let us not be disturbed by noise.

The noise source of the solar DC freezer is mainly the internal compressor. Once the clearance between the piston and the cylinder head is too small, it will directly impact and make a lot of noise. Moreover, if metal fragments fall into the cylinder (compressed air) or moisture is accumulated, it will also cause impact and noise inside the cylinder. If the refrigerator and freezer are used for a long time, the internal parts are worn (a basic type of failure of parts), which leads to excessive internal clearance, resulting in a very loud knocking sound.

The resonance of the refrigerated display cabinet will also cause noise, so we should also inspect whether the link between the pipeline and the cabinet is loose, whether the compressor is fixed, whether the floor of the compressor is fixed or loose, and whether it will cause resonance of the compressor. The solar DC freezers should be placed flat, which can also cause noise, so we can add rubber pads under them to reduce noise.

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With the arrival of summer, the temperature is rising, and the requirements for self-adhesive sticker are also very high. So what effect does temperature have on self-adhesive sticker? We mainly consider the storage temperature of self-adhesive sticker, the labeling temperature of self-adhesive sticker and the use temperature of self-adhesive sticker.

1. Storage temperature of self-adhesive sticker: In the self-adhesive sticker factory, the storage temperature of labels is about 23 degrees, so the environmental temperature of labels purchased by users should also be about 23 degrees. If it is placed outdoors or in a lower temperature environment, it will easily cause the glue to freeze and lose its viscosity. In places with high temperature and humidity, the hot melt adhesive of self-adhesive labels will overflow and the initial viscosity of labels will decrease. Therefore, it is necessary to have a correct storage environment.

2. Labeling temperature of self-adhesive sticker: Each self-adhesive sticker has a minimum labeling temperature, which cannot be lower than this temperature when labeling. If the label is lower than the minimum temperature, there will be problems such as weak sticking, warping, etc. The temperature favorable for labeling is also 23 degrees.

3. Application temperature of self-adhesive sticker: After the label is attached for 24 hours, the glue of the label and the surface of the attached article have been fully combined. Each label has a suitable use temperature. For example, low-temperature resistant labels can be used at-70℃ to 196℃, and high-temperature resistant labels can be used at 300℃.

Only by purchasing self-adhesive sticker suitable for the ambient temperature of your products can you achieve the desired results.

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In the design process of Zinc Die Casting , many customers are uncertain about the thick wall of zinc die casting, and they don't know how thin the thick wall of zinc die casting can be.

1. The commercial wall of zinc die casting is not suitable for excessively thin walls, which are prone to defects such as under-casting and cold insulation.

2. Selection of thickness of zinc die casting: under normal conditions, the wall thickness should not exceed 4.5mm, and the suitable wall thickness for small and medium-sized castings is 1-3mm for zinc alloy, 1.5-4mm for magnesium alloy and 2-4mm for copper alloy.

3. The thickness of zinc die casting should be symmetrical, which is beneficial to the additional condensation after "mold filling". It can prevent the defects of forging stress, shrinkage porosity, cracks and so on.

4. For a part of thick-walled tubes on zinc die casting, ribbed plates or cast-in inserts can be selected to improve their physical properties and technological properties.

Therefore, when designing the thick wall of zinc die casting, it is not suitable to choose the way of lifting the thin wall to improve the bearing capacity of zinc die casting. When the thickness of casting exceeds the required bottom limit, its impact toughness will decrease. Too thick casting wall will easily cause shrinkage porosity and air outlet, which will lead to unfavorable conditions such as long initial setting, large shrinkage, core pulling and difficult demoulding in the production process of zinc die casting.

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In fact, transfer printing is one of the textile printing methods, which originated in 1960s, and is mainly used for printing clothing and some chemical fiber knitwear in daily life. The transfer printing fabric has the advantages of light and sun resistance, washing resistance, good color fastness, strong layering and rich colors, and is an ideal choice for clothing, decoration, umbrellas, tents, bags and shoes.

Transfer printing is to print dye pigment on transfer printing paper first, and then transfer the dye in the pattern to the textile by heat treatment during transfer printing, and fix it to form a pattern. The most widely used transfer printing method is the dry transfer of disperse dyes on synthetic fiber fabrics.

Advantages of transfer printing:

(1) transfer paper can be stored for a long time without deterioration, and can be transferred and printed at any time as required, with strong adaptability and short production cycle.

(2) Transfer printing by thermal transfer method does not need post-treatment, so there is no environmental pollution.

(3) The patterns are rich and colorful, with rich layers and strong expressive ability of patterns, which can print photographic patterns and geometric patterns with vivid patterns and high artistry.

(4) The process and production equipment are simple, and the training of operators is convenient.

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First, the solar path light supplier adopts the working principle of collecting and storing solar energy during the day and supplying power at night. It is worth mentioning that solar energy can be collected to the maximum extent and stored in a special storage battery, and the solar energy can be smoothly converted into electric energy, which can be provided to street lights, and the street lights can shine smoothly. In this way, even if it is rainy during the day, the lighting of street lights will not be affected at all, and it can work better.

Second, pollution-free street light facilities play a positive role in the environment. In order to better meet the needs of use, solar path light suppliers have continuously improved the performance of their products by adopting advanced production technology, which has greatly reduced the environmental pollution caused by them. Therefore, up to now, it has a good effect on the natural environment and will never cause any pollution to the environment.

Third, the facilities of solar path lights are very stable and reliable, and it is very simple to maintain. In this way, it can not only save a lot of human resources, but also play a better role in saving investment, which is an ideal light.

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The appearance of Color Coated Aluminum Coil is still important, but when defects appear, what causes them?

1. Incorrect roll shape for folding (folding) of color coated aluminum coil, such as heating of calender bearing;

2. Bubbles on the surface of the aluminum ingot, and there is a dirty east at the scraggy on the surface of the ingot;

3. The heating time of color coated aluminum coil is too long or the temperature is too high, and the surface of casting block is oxidized;

4. The two ends of the roll of color coated aluminum coil swell, resulting in thick middle and thin both sides of the extruded plate. When the thin plate is fed incorrectly during calendering, it is easy to produce folding, resulting in a large difference in thickness between the two sides of color coated aluminum coil;

5. Cracking from the end of the aluminum ingot; Heating temperature of aluminum ingot is too high or too low. There is a certain error between the actual temperature and the apparent temperature.

6. In the international market, the interval of color coated aluminum coil should be larger. When the pipe material is assembled with small material and sheet material, the heat preservation time should be appropriate to prevent the hardness from being insufficient due to too long or too short time;

7. Too thick color coated aluminum coil is not easy to bend, so you can understand it when you think about it. Try to use thinner one. If the process allows, it is best to bend and then stretch, otherwise it will increase the probability of bending fracture.

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Service Manuals and Schematics / Vacuum Heat Treatment Technology Of Chair Mould
« Last post by xiuumin on 03 September 2020, 06:40:25 »
The advantages of Chair Mould are faster production speed, higher efficiency, automatic operation, various designs, shapes from simple to complex, sizes from large to small, accurate product sizes, easy product upgrading and complex shapes. Parts and injection moulding are suitable for mass production, products with complex shapes and other moulding and processing fields.

At a certain temperature, the completely melted plastic material is stirred by a screw, injected into a mould cavity under high pressure, cooled and solidified to obtain a moulded product. This method is suitable for mass production of complex shapes and is one of the important processing methods.

In recent years, vacuum heat treatment technology for injection moulding has been developed, and it is a new heat treatment technology. Its characteristics are exactly what the precision mould production needs.

Hot spots of chair mould include avoiding thermal oxidation and decarburization, vacuum degassing or degassing, eliminating hydrogen embrittlement and improving plasticity, resistance and fatigue strength of materials. Slow vacuum heating and small temperature difference between parts surfaces determine the small deformation of parts formed by vacuum heat treatment technology. Computer simulation skills have been successfully developed and used in chair mould, and intelligent heat treatment of injection mould has been realized. It mainly uses vacuum oil cooling quenching, vacuum air cooling quenching and vacuum tempering. The selection and formula of cooling liquid and cooling skills are very important for observing the excellent performance of vacuum heating of workpieces, and oil quenching and air cooling are the first choices in the quenching process of chair mould.

For the working surface of chair mould which is no longer machined after injection moulding heat treatment, vacuum tempering should be used as much as possible after quenching, especially for vacuum quenched workpieces, in order to improve the mechanical properties related to surface quality.

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Now the annual plum rains and flood seasons in the south have arrived, and the sales of various waterproof nylon fabric have entered a golden season in the textile market. Not only are the spot scenes hot, but the number of online and offline sample takers is increasing day by day. At present, the sales of waterproof nylon fabrics in Jiangsu and Zhejiang textile markets are obviously rising.

At present, there are many kinds of waterproof coating fabrics on the market, which not only have a large number of chemical fiber waterproof fabrics, but also add mixed fiber (interwoven) and nylon cotton waterproof fabrics.

In terms of colors and varieties, there are dyed, printed, plaid and striped ones.

In terms of waterproof fabric technology, there are waterproof agents, such as plastic coating, rubber coating, PU coating, PVC coating, silver coating, white coating, PA coating, etc.

Due to the expanding use of waterproof coated fabrics, besides waterproof overalls and travel clothes, they are also widely used in household fabrics, such as umbrella fabrics, tent fabrics, luggage fabrics, hat fabrics, shoe upper fabrics, shower curtains and so on. In addition, there are waterproof car covers, goods waterproof covers and other uses.

From the current trend analysis of waterproof coating fabrics, chemical fiber waterproof fabrics sell well, not only with large sales volume, but also with wide market. Such as waterproof Oxford cattle, waterproof nylon Oxford cloth, waterproof nylon nylon Oxford cloth, waterproof nylon polyester taffeta, waterproof spring and autumn satin, satin, five pieces of satin, etc., as well as waterproof nylon polyester spinning, waterproof polyester cotton cloth, waterproof nylon cotton cloth, etc.

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Cosmetic packaging has become a big growth point in the future. In the process of Lipstick Case design, we should pay attention to several aspects:

1. Interestingness: In terms of interest, as the main consumer in cosmetics market, many women have potential standards for product packaging requirements.

2. Conciseness: Usually, the simple and generous lipstick case design style is easy to highlight the plain, elegant and quality visual feeling of the product.

3. Practicality: If some cosmetic packaging materials can be used for other storage and decoration after the products are used up, they will also give extra points to the products.

4. Environmental protection: the green trend should not only be reflected in the addition of natural raw materials, but also in the development and design of lipstick case materials.

When working, lipstick case designers should consider not only the protection of packaging materials, but also whether these materials can be recycled to the maximum extent, and not how much use value these materials really have, but reflect the sense of responsibility of enterprises to society, which is a big problem related to corporate image. Environmental protection is a need of social development.

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Forum / help please schematic
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help me please to find schematic diagram for bremen-m rev. 1.3
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