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Painting the exterior of the Chair Mould product can ensure the brightness of the product. Because plastic products themselves are difficult to reflect light. Therefore, the plastic parts look darker, and if the leather lines on the outer surface of the plastic parts are added, it will be even darker. Therefore, some customers will spray a layer of paint on the surface of plastic parts when looking for beautiful appearance. This ensures the brightness of the product.

Painting the exterior of plastic products can reduce the voiding rate of plastic products. The voiding rate of white plastic products has always been a headache for the injection moulding profession. If the paint is painted on the exterior, the defects of the products will be covered up and the voiding rate of the products will be reduced.

Therefore, it is very useful to spray paint on the surface of plastic parts with requirements. However, there is another process for injection moulding when painting. The cost will increase.

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In the process of making zinc die castings, our engineers often ask customers if they have 3D drawings. At this time, many customers will think that the products we want to make are very simple and not so complicated, so they don't need 3D drawings. Then the China Zinc Die Casting Manufacturer raises a question here. Do you still need drawings for such a simple structure of zinc die casting?

In fact, whether it is a simple structure or a complex structure, drawings are needed in the manufacturing process of precision die castings, because we polish products according to drawings. Another thing to say is that it may be simple in your eyes, but in our eyes, it has become an important project that must be taken seriously. Maybe, the order quantity of this project is not very large, or the project does not have such high requirements, but we still have to treat it with the most rigorous attitude.

Only when we take it seriously can we polish better products. Only then can we make a more reasonable and accurate quotation, analyze the product structure more clearly, design the mold more scientifically, and make the product last longer.

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The yarn dyed fabric can be divided into full-dyed and semi-dyed fabrics.

Full-color weaving: dyed or partially dyed yarns are present in both warp and weft (or several colored yarns are interwoven with white yarns in the fabric).

Semi-dyed: Yarns of warp or weft are dyed or partially dyed.  

The reason why the fabric is fully dyed:

1. In order to obtain the effect of different colors-the same raw material can't be dyed with different colors, but dyed fabric can be used.

2. Requirements for color fastness and light color-dyed products have good color fastness and light color perception. Requirements for c-level sense-requires a good level sense.  

Reasons for semi-dyed fabrics:

1. Different warp and weft raw materials-semi-dyed fabrics can be used because different warp and weft raw materials have different dyeing performance requirements.

2. Reduce costs and increase fancy.

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Selecting the shrinkage ratio of in mould labels material plays an important role in the production process:

(1) PE material with different shrinkage ratio of in mould labels paper will be affected and deformed (bottle body bulges and both sides are concave)

At present, the shrinkage of the materials used in the in mould labels material market after exposure to heat is the characteristic of most plastic thin moulds, but the shrinkage rates of different films are different, the plastic bottle body will also shrink when cooling, and the bottle body will deform when the shrinkage rate is different from the bottle body shrinkage rate.

(2) The shrinkage ratio of the in mould labels paper material is close to PP material, and the shape of the product has little influence.

The same shrinkage ratio does not have the problem of mutual extrusion, and the more tightly the extrusion is in production, the more tightly the extrusion is. If the label is torn apart, because it is formed in one step, even if the label is pulled apart, the lines printed on the bottle are on the back of the label, and the lines will not change.

The design structure of the mould is unreasonable, which is easy to cause product shape change, deformation, bulging and poor exhaust during the production process, resulting in bubbles during labeling.

The printing, bronzing, hand viscosity of the in mould labels is too high, and when the label is not well treated by static electricity, problems such as re-labeling, label dropping, label missing, sticking slanting, dust and the like will occur in the production of the in mould labels.

Solution to double waste caused by Incorrect in mould labels:

The first is the choice of labeling robots. The accuracy of precision labeling of robots used for in mould labels produced by different manufacturers is different. It should be compared in many ways to select products with good quality. Secondly, the quality of in mould labels produced by different in mould labels is also different. Generally speaking, in mould labels with good stiffness and less static electricity are helpful to the accuracy of label adhesion. In addition, the influence of factors such as operation technology cannot be ignored. Finally, in the aspect of waste disposal, the general method cannot be adopted. Because the label and the bottle body are made of the same material, the label and the bottle body have been completely melted together after one-step forming in the production process. The ink printed on the label paper should be scraped off first, instead of the whole label, then the label should be crushed and finally added into the inner layer of the bottle to achieve the effects of regeneration and environmental protection.

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The installation, construction, engineering management and quality control of solar wall light manufacturers are also very important in the later maintenance. The solar wall light is installed outdoors, and all connecting parts of the solar wall light are wind resistant. Anti-bird of solar panel, anti-theft of solar panel, rain protection of street light inlet and outlet line and control room, insulation of storage battery in winter and cooling in summer, ventilation of storage battery room, waterproof of storage battery room, etc. The installation and construction of solar wall lights are generally characterized by tight time, remoteness, poor transportation conditions, strong technology, and many fragile and vulnerable parts. Organization and management and quality control are crucial.

1. The dustproof felt strip of lights and lanterns shall be complete, and repair and replacement shall be required for damage.

2. The reflector of lights and lanterns should not be damaged or deformed in the process of transportation and installation. The light shade should be equipped with aprons. When the light socket is damaged, it should be exchanged in time.

3. The lights need to be replaced if they are corroded or deformed.

4. Lights and lanterns should be straight, if there is loose, tilt phenomenon, need to be replaced in a timely manner.

5. The retaining ring of the brightly lit cover should be complete without damage.

6. Lights and lanterns, the light body cannot be skewed, solid screws need to be fixed well, to avoid loosening.

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Православный интернет-магазин «Галерея благолепия» предлагает большой выбор икон, иконостасов, распятий на любой случай жизни. В каталоге Вы найдёте:

Иконы святых, Спасителя, Божией Матери, Ангела Хранителя и Архангелов.

Иконы от известных российских производителей «Галерея благолепия», «Раздолье» и настоящие итальянские иконы Valenti, Beltrami и ItalSilver из серебра и с золочением.

Именные, праздничные, подарочные, автомобильные иконы, иконы для детей и на венчание.

В нашем интернет-магазине икон Вы обязательно найдёте то, что нужно Вам или вашим близким и родным людям. Каждая представленная икона — это произведение искусства, способное стать изящным подарком по любому поводу. ​Вы можете выбрать и купить икону в интернете близкому человеку на день рождения, свадьбу, крещение или строгому боссу на профессиональный праздник. Будьте уверены, что дорогие иконы из золота и серебра ничем не уступают таким элитным подаркам как часы Rolex или ручка Parker.  Каждая икона зачаровывает своим божественным блеском, а качественные материалы гарантируют сохранение первозданного вида десятки лет. Наши иконы не тускнеют, не теряют цвет и блеск. Более того, всегда в наличии освящённые серебряные иконы. Чтобы купить икону в православном интернет-магазине «Галерея благолепия», ознакомьтесь с каталогом выше и выберите интересующий товар. При необходимости организуем доставку покупки до двери или дадим приятную скидку при самовывозе.

Интернет-магазин Галерея Благолепия эксклюзивных ювелирных православных икон ручной работы от производителей Россия, Италия. Гарантия качества!

купить икону
Generally, the winding methods of Aluminum Magnet Wire mainly include all overlapping winding and all gap winding. Usually, the innermost and outer layers are overlapped and wrapped, and the other layers are wrapped with gaps. In the production process of enameled wire, condensation curing of paint and evaporation of solvent are carried out at the same time, and the smell and air pollution brought out by evaporation of a large amount of solvent.

Aluminum magnet wires are composed of a certain number of enameled copper flat wires into two rows with wide surfaces in contact with each other, and the upper and lower surfaces of the two rows of enameled flat wires are transposed along the narrow surfaces in the same direction as required, and then electrical insulating paper and ropes or tapes are used as winding wires for continuous winding.

At present, with the increase of output, people and environmental protection departments are paying more and more attention to it, and it has also become a topic facing enterprises. Therefore, energy conservation and environmental protection have become hot topics in enameled wire industry.

At present, energy conservation and consumption reduction have become the key work of the Chinese government. Under the requirements of the general environment, enameled wire industry should also attach great importance to and solve the problem of high-temperature waste gas pollution.

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We introduce the following common specifications of Aluminum Composite Panel :

Length: 2000, 2440, 3000, 3200, etc., in mm.

Width: 1220, 1250, 1500, etc., in mm.

Minimum thickness: 4, in mm.

Marking code: common type, code g; Flame retardant, code-named FR; Fluorocarbon resin coated decorative surface, code-named FC.

Marking method: Mark according to the product name, classification, decorative surface, specification and size, aluminum thickness and standard numbering sequence of curtain wall panels.

Marking example: flame retardant curtain wall panel with 2440mm×1220mm×4mm specifications, aluminum thickness of 0.50mm and fluorocarbon resin coating on the surface, marking example: aluminum-plastic composite panel FRFC 2440× 1220× 40.50 GB/T 17748-200×.

The length and width of the aluminum composite panel can also be agreed upon by the supply and demand sides. Specific parameters should be selected according to specific purposes.

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1. Pre-inspection of mould:

Before loading the Pipe Fittings Mould with the injection moulding machine, the quality problem should be checked and found in time, and the mould can be removed after the mould is installed. When checking the fixed mould plate and the moving mould plate respectively, attention should be paid to direction marking to avoid mould clamping.

2. Oblique guide installation:

When installing the pipe fittings mould, the two should cooperate closely and safely. If there is a mould for the lateral separation mechanism, the slider should be installed in a horizontal position, i.e. the movable block can move left and right.

3. Mould fastening:

When the positioning ring of the pipe fittings mould is installed on the positioning ring seat of the injection moulding machine mould plate, the mould is closed at a very slow speed, so that the movable mould plate presses the mould lightly, and then the pressing plate and pad must be installed on the pressing plate. For this piece, the pressing plate must be loaded with 4 pieces up and down.

4. Correct catapult catapult distance:

After tightening the pipe fittings mould, slowly open the mould until the moving mould stops and recedes. This is to adjust the position of the ejector pin to a gap of not less than 5mm between the ejector plate on the mould and the bottom plate of the movable mould, so as to prevent the mould from damaging and ejecting parts.

5. Adjustment of tightness of closed mould:

In order to prevent overflow and ensure proper ventilation of the cavity, when adjusting the hydraulic plug-toggle clamping mechanism, it is mainly based on visual inspection and experience, i.e. it is not natural to toggle fast and slow when the mould is closed.

6. Cooling water can be connected:

After opening the cooling water, check if it is not blocked.

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Generally, the temperature of the refrigerating chamber of a 12V DC Freezer is between 0 and 7 degrees Celsius, while most bacteria can live very actively above 5 degrees Celsius. The refrigerating chamber that has not been cleaned for a long time will become a sealed container for bacteria to breed, which brings potential safety hazards to food health. Like direct-cooling freezers, we should develop the habit of regular cleaning, paying attention to the complete power cut before cleaning, using warm water or neutral detergent as much as possible, and at the same time paying attention to the application of electricity after completely drying.

It is a well-known knowledge that leftovers are put into the freezer after waiting for cooling. This is not only to save energy. If warm food is directly put into the freezer, it will change the indoor environment temperature in the freezer room. It will increase the frost burden due to condensation of water vapor. The increase in temperature will also provide conditions for mold growth. In addition to not putting warm food directly, small details such as separate storage of raw and cooked food and sealing of leftovers with plastic wrap also need your attention. They can prevent bacteria from cross-contamination in the freezer compartment.

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