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Forum / HP EliteBook 850 G3
« on: 25 February 2024, 23:23:20 »
Hi i have a broken motherbord with no Dc power supply. I have found a resistor at position Q60002. I have found Schematic diagram ower elitebook 840 g3. I am not Sure if it is exactly the same. Can some one give me info about the value of this resistor. I have check that ic give the supply to the mosfet 23v in the power supply of the bord. I dont now if it possibole to find Correct schematic and bordview file for this cicurit bord. It is 2 resistor in serie to the right of the component name Q60002. I whill send a picture . Thanks. The resistor is to the right side of the text Q60002 where i have the toothpick. I check for this number in the schematic diagram and Could not find this nr. ???

Forum / MSI motherbord meg 2390
« on: 11 February 2024, 02:56:15 »
Hi i have a motherbord MSI meg 2390.  I have only the motherbord and power supply. Conected.
And i need a schematic diagram to see witch cicurit have to do with the start upp of the motherbord. Only the power switch light upp red . But nothing happening when i Puch the power Button on the motherbord. DId some One have a cicurit diagram for this motherbord Thanks.

Forum / Lenovo L14 gen 1
« on: 24 January 2024, 20:52:15 »
Hi did some one have a bios file for this laptop in bin format.
The trouble is that the bios have Been hacked of a hacker
What my friend Thell me . The bios is locked and ask for a key to lock upp the bios.
I looking for a new bios file in bin format to program in to a new chip. 20U1.
I have try to take out the back upp battery for the bios and waithing at least One Ouer.
The same trouble.

SMD marking codes / HP laptop 850 Elite G3
« on: 02 January 2024, 19:43:42 »
[/img][/img]Hi i hope some one can give me info about this transistor i belive its a Mosfet. i can see 403MJ. But i dont now what type of transistor it is. its connected directly to the power bord on the dc jack 19 volt. I have look ower internet and cant find this 403MJ for HP mother bord (6050A2892401-MB-A01) I whill send one more picture but this is for HP840.
but they have nearly the same but they use 403Tj for hp 840. And 850G3 they use 403MJ. And i need to now witch transistor for the 850G3 403Mj

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