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HP EliteBook 850 G3
« on: 25 February 2024, 23:23:20 »
Hi i have a broken motherbord with no Dc power supply. I have found a resistor at position Q60002. I have found Schematic diagram ower elitebook 840 g3. I am not Sure if it is exactly the same. Can some one give me info about the value of this resistor. I have check that ic give the supply to the mosfet 23v in the power supply of the bord. I dont now if it possibole to find Correct schematic and bordview file for this cicurit bord. It is 2 resistor in serie to the right of the component name Q60002. I whill send a picture . Thanks. The resistor is to the right side of the text Q60002 where i have the toothpick. I check for this number in the schematic diagram and Could not find this nr. ???
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