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SMD marking codes / NEW smd code KJ
« on: 12 October 2016, 17:26:02 »
i got something like transistor with smd code KJ:
it so hard to look for until i found 2SK2036/2SK2037

bo th are discontinued TOSHIBA MOSFET

though im not sure if its the right device for me, at least you can add to database... :)

NB: im posting via mobile, it seem like im not able to upload datasheet...

SMD marking codes / Re: IC SMD code
« on: 27 January 2015, 10:30:52 »
C451G = uPC451G = LM324
uPC451G (web)
uPC451 datasheet

LM324 (web)
LM324 datasheet

NB: check the wiring, specally @vcc/vss to ensure the same pin-out
also, since this is an OpAmp, you may see input/'feedback'/output which may confirm the chip layout

The 4066 is pretty obvious a logic chip... a "Quad Switch" to be more precise...
on your case, it should be Toshiba TC4066BF
here the data:
TC4066BF (web)
TC4066BF datasheet

solved by the help of the mighty google :D

sorry for bad english

SMD marking codes / SMD Code ER
« on: 27 January 2015, 07:10:16 »
I'm opening a dead Sony PSP charger, inside i found an SC-70 which by its circuitry logically identified as NPN transistor...
after digging up via google i found 2SC5815 by Isahaya japan...
here the datasheet:

2SC5815 (web)
2SC5815 Datasheet

please kindly update the db, since "other" smd site seems to already have it...

sorry for bad english...

SMD marking codes / Add some TI & Linear chips
« on: 11 December 2014, 00:40:20 »
here some new devices i found you may add to the database... :)

SMD CodePackageDevice NameManufacturerDataDatasheet
BRR10-Pin SON, 1mm heightTPS61200DRCTexas Instruments0.3V Input Boost Converter
BRS10-Pin SON, 1mm heightTPS61201DRCTexas Instruments0.3V Input Boost Converter
BRT10-Pin SON, 1mm heightTPS61202DRCTexas Instruments0.3V Input Boost Converter
CER10-Pin SON, 0.8mm heightTPS61202DSCTexas Instruments0.3V Input Boost Converter

SMD CodePackageDevice NameManufacturerDataDatasheet
LFKYDFN-10 3mm × 3mmLTC3588EDD-1Linear TechnologyPiezo/Nanopower Energy Harvesting Power Supply
LFKYDFN-10 3mm × 3mmLTC3588IDD-1Linear TechnologyPiezo/Nanopower Energy Harvesting Power Supply
LTFKXeMSOP-10LTC3588EMSE-1Linear TechnologyPiezo/Nanopower Energy Harvesting Power Supply
LTFKXeMSOP-10LTC3588IMSE-1Linear TechnologyPiezo/Nanopower Energy Harvesting Power Supply


SMD marking codes / 3Mp Old Version... (Philips)
« on: 04 January 2014, 22:06:47 »
I'm opening my old (1998) dead creative CDRom, and found many 3Mp (SOT323) side-by-side with 1Mp...

checking 1Mp found BC848W which is correct..., but 3M found BCV62 (DUAL PNP in an SOT143B (4 pin)) which is correct too according to BCV62 datasheet...

however, my 3Mp is a SOT323 (3 pin), guessing by transistor numbering scheme, and by still produced siblings (BC847 (NPN) vs BC857 (PNP)), I found this BC858W, and on its datasheet is indeed 3M old version...

you may update your info by adding BC858W as part of 3M series...

BC858W page:
BC858W DS:

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