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Forum / Re: Just want to say thank you from france
« on: 06 April 2014, 14:11:14 »
Good idea,
I have a few things I can upload as well, so I am also looking forward to a link or ftp or upload queue or dropbox or whatever is easiest ?

Thanks for making available an interesting service and without the fluff which seems to be found on all sorts of other sites since I started on the net in 1976 !

Hullo all,
Just joined & what a great idea, looking to contribute as well, have a few things I can upload when I get settled following a serious personal & commercial failing. Back on the mend with new business and new personal paths to explore.

Found this site by a google search looking for any data on an Acer Aspire 5650 and located the schematics which are primarily for reference.

Am going through transition so may not be active for a while but, feel free to message me & will see to help if I can...

All the best


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