Author Topic: Signage Aluminum Composite Panel Supplier Introduces The Strategy Of Sintering M  (Read 63 times)


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Signage Aluminum Composite Panel Supplier introduced that the sintering method is a composite method that combines powder particles with a composite substrate through heating in a protective atmosphere. The protective gas mainly uses hydrogen and nitrogen. The composite substrate needs to be pre-processed by degreasing, rust removal and roughening processes. There are two main methods for powder preparation:

(1) Evenly mix the powders of different kinds of pure metals;

(2) Directly prepare powder of coating alloy. The basic principle of the sintering method is that at high temperatures, the atomic amplitude increases and diffusion occurs, so that dissimilar metal atoms form a bond. It is mainly used in the compounding of composite substrates and alloy coatings. Since the sintering temperature is lower than the melting point of the high melting point pure metal component during the sintering process, the structure and properties of the alloy coating are very uniform, which is a useful supplement to the rolling method.