Author Topic: About Aluminum Die Casting Paint Peeling Off  (Read 66 times)


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About Aluminum Die Casting Paint Peeling Off
« on: 08 July 2021, 06:05:28 »
Aluminum Die Casting is a kind of die casting method that we are very familiar with, so what is the reason for the paint layer of die casting to fall off?
The reason for the paint peeling off: The paint layer of the die-casting part is mainly due to the insufficient adhesion between the paint and the die-casting part.
The adhesion of the spray paint of die castings depends on the quality of the pre-painting treatment. The pre-treatment is to match the appropriate cleaning agent according to the material, not just to remove the oil. There is a layer of release (release) agent on the surface of a carbonized film formed by high-temperature carbonization of the die casting. This film is not conducive to the adhesion of the paint, and it is not conducive to the salt spray test after painting. Therefore, the release agent must be removed at the same time as the oil and then passivated to meet the various test requirements of spray paint.
There are the following influencing factors: 1. The coating and punch oil are not cleaned; 2. The cutting oil in the subsequent processing of the die casting is not cleaned; 3. The surface oxide layer of the die casting is not active; 4. The phosphating process of the die casting is not clean. Do it well; 5. Paint problems; 6. Baking temperature, etc.
Of course, China die casting factory is working hard to avoid these problems when making all kinds of die castings.