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Top 10 manicure ideas in black
« on: 15 June 2021, 23:17:56 »
2021 nail art promises to be saturated with sparkling shades and unusual designs . First of all, this is a complete liberation of the color palette. The variety of shades, their combinations, the boldness and unpredictability of the splendor of tones, the irresistibility of combinations of varnish, enamel, manicure accessories will, as never before, be creative, versatile and the most unexpected .
The main trend of the season is still French manicure. But it will be a modified jacket with bright, saturated colors and combinations: red with gilding, silver with black, black and gold .
A real hit will be the pattern on the very tip of the nail in the form of sticks, dots, micro flowers, petals, applications .
The 2021 trendy manicure also involves covering most of the nail with a varnish that is mostly transparent. But the light gamut is giving way to the rich and vibrant combinations shown at the Vivienne Tam show, for example, red combined with white or black combined with white .
 Below are the benefits of gel paint Top 10 tiger manicure ideas
 Nail design is primarily gel paint. They quite firmly took the place of acrylic, with the help of which the nails were decorated with exquisite designs. Such work required great skill, but remained short-lived . For the pattern, a high-quality protective coating and careful handling by the hostess were necessary .
 New developments in materials allow the master's work to be made more efficient, it lasts longer and is less subject to changes, such a material lasts up to three weeks, this gel paint can be used both in a flat vector and for a three-dimensional drawing.
 This material is very wide in the palette of colors, thanks to which Niall art artists can create unique masterpieces decorating them with rhinestones, velvet sand and rhinestones.
Thick gel paints are successfully used in mono technique. They, like acrylic, easily overlap each other, which allows you to create a clear expressive contour .
Such a painting of nails can be easily mastered by a novice master. He will not be nervous about the pattern spreading over the base, and will appreciate the ability to quickly correct mistakes before drying in a UV lamp. Such a modern nail design in 2021 does not require additional coating, making the manicure light and natural .
 More complex techniques can also be carried out using gel varnish, thanks to which you can apply real landscapes and realistic drawings on a transparent base.
Beautiful, delicate works are also obtained in the gradient technique, which requires a gradual increase in tone and the creation of soft shadows. This style of manicure is perfect for brides. The drawing replaces beautiful modeling, but does not have its drawbacks - the ability to grab onto the thin fabrics of a wedding dress .
Gel paint  Salon Professional, Emi, Irisk  and also a number of brands open up wide opportunities for the creativity of all masters of any class.
Casting is a fairly new trend in manicure design. And it was not possible until the advent of gel paint, which made it possible to apply a thin foil to the drawing. The patterns amaze with royal luxury, grace, are decorated with rhinestones and natural stones .
New ideas from artisans force manufacturers to come up with innovative materials for creativity. Their result is female beauty and the pleasure to possess it !
Manicure: its features and useful tips
Today, no self-respecting woman goes out without a quality manicure. But the fact of the matter is that it is not so easy to make a truly high-quality manicure, and here the advice of experienced stylists will provide significant help. And if you follow them, then you can be sure that your hands (in particular, nails) will always attract everyone's attention .
1.  High-quality manicure is performed only with sapphire files or sand dusting, no iron files.
2. If you are going to file your nails, you must first wash them thoroughly and dry them properly. If you file wet nails, they will simply break or exfoliate. So take the time and buy yourself a good nail file .
3. Of course, fashion matters a lot and always check fashion magazines carefully. However, following the fashion trend, you should never forget about individuality. You just need to take into account that if some fashionable manicure goes alone, then it is not at all a fact that it will suit you too .
4.  To visually increase the length of nails, you must use dark and bright shades, and if the drawings are exclusively vertical, it will be just a stunning look!
5.  Drawings and thin edges will help you with the problem of wide nails that will look great.