Author Topic: How To Make Good Trash Can Mould  (Read 22 times)


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How To Make Good Trash Can Mould
« on: 20 February 2021, 06:44:56 »
Nowadays, Chinese urban development has set up a trash can for sorting and recycling garbage. The recyclable garbage in the recyclable trash bin can be recalculated to improve recycling. For example, the recycling of waste paper is not only conducive to the protection of the environment but also conducive to the rational application and development of tree resources. Therefore, garbage classification is particularly important, and as an important trash can in the garbage classification link, it is made by the trash can mould, and it is not a simple thing to make good trash can mould .
The production requirements of trash can mould are very high. Generally, environmentally friendly PP materials are used, which can produce a bright surface and then do film printing and other treatments, which becomes a high-end trash can. But to make good trash can mould, the quality is the most important thing, and these include mold design, mold assembly, hot runner and cold runner selection, etc., and these big steps include There are many small steps, and each step requires extra care, so as to ensure that the mold produced is complete and flawless, that is, the quality is high.
Therefore, it is not a simple and easy thing to make a good mold. Just like crate mould , firstly, the design of the mold needs to be very careful and many small details need to be paid attention to.