Author Topic: How To Understand Dc In Dc Freezer?  (Read 218 times)


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How To Understand Dc In Dc Freezer?
« on: 18 November 2020, 09:47:53 »
Both DC and AC are common in electrical appliances. For example, DC appears in DC freezer .Most of us know that AC is alternating current and DC is direct current, and the AC interface on most household appliances is used to connect to the mains, general lighting power; while DC is connected to the "direct current power supply" and only output the corresponding voltage Power required.
The C in AV and DC usually refers to the voltage entering the power supply between AC 220~250V, which is generally only used as the entry line of household appliances, and the 380V (Volt) commonly used in industrial production. There are several common voltages such as 30V, 6.0V, 90V, 12V, etc. The battery and charger are the most common, and the output of the general charger is about 45V.
1. AC is the English abbreviation for AC power, and DC is the English abbreviation for DC power. This is the most essential difference between the two.
2. AC/DC power supply is a power converter with AC input and DC output. For example, our commonly used cell phones, computer chargers, etc. use this kind of power supply.
3. This power converter contains a step-down circuit, a rectifier filter circuit, and a voltage stabilizing circuit. In AC/DC power conversion applications, a wide input range is required, usually: 85V~265V AC input, high output power conversion efficiency requirements, and can effectively improve energy saving efficiency.
The normal temperature of the freezer is between -18℃ and 12℃, usually the temperature of the freezer compartment is -18℃-0℃, and the temperature of the refrigerator compartment is 0℃-12℃.
Most foods are kept fresh at a temperature between 3°C and 8°C, so the temperature range of the refrigerating r


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