Author Topic: Outdoor String Lights Manufacturer Introduces The Use Of Solar Street Lights  (Read 53 times)


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In the daytime, solar street lights use solar panels to convert solar energy into electrical energy, which is stored in the battery through the solar street light controller, and the controller is used to control the battery to power the street light source at night. Recently, most areas of the country have ushered in successive rainy weather. In this environment, the efficiency of solar street lights to convert solar energy into electrical energy is very low, or even energy conversion. Then Outdoor String Lights Manufacturer will introduce the main reasons why solar street lights do not turn on during rainy days:

1. In the initial planning of solar street lights, it is necessary to consider the use of local solar resources, climate and environment and other conditions for solar street lights to reasonably equip the solar street light system. Before successive rainy days come, it is necessary to plan the electric energy converted by solar panels and the storage of batteries under sufficient light conditions to fully satisfy the local longest continuous rainy and rainy power supply to the street light source. In practice, some manufacturers or suppliers cannot reasonably equip solar street light systems based on local characteristics, or because their customers blindly seek the lowest price, some suppliers have to reduce equipment in order to promote this business. Even rainy days are one of the reasons why the lights are sometimes not turned on.

2. The quality of the lamp cap of the solar street light is not good enough, and the waterproof effect of the lamp cannot be reached. The light source is damaged after the lamp cap enters the water; in addition, nowadays, the solar street lamp is widely used as the LED light source, and its own quality problems will also show that it does not light up.

3. The solar street light controller is damaged. Some controllers are not properly waterproof, and successive rainy days will cause water ingress and damage when inverted. The charging and discharging operation of solar street lights, lighting is completed by solar street light controllers, good quality solar street light controllers, waterproof controllers, etc. should be selected.

4. The wiring is worn, broken, short-circuited, and the terminals are in poor contact. It has a big relationship with the construction quality, so professional construction personnel should be found for construction.

5. The battery is damaged. The quality of the battery is not too hard, and as its capacity decreases, the storage capacity cannot be reached; or the battery is not properly waterproofed, and the cabinet is damaged by water.

6. The location of the solar street light installation is unreasonable. Some solar street light installations in places with dark shadows cause insufficient power generation and long-term loss of batteries, which seriously affects the use and life span. It is necessary to thoroughly study the practical application of solar street lights, according to different areas, reasonably equip solar street light systems, and select high-quality accessories to ensure that solar street lights are always on for 365 days.

Through the above introduction, Solar Fence Post Cap Light Suppliers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.