Author Topic: The Proportion Of Extra Long Wood Drill Bits?  (Read 64 times)


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The Proportion Of Extra Long Wood Drill Bits?
« on: 27 November 2020, 05:36:55 »
extra long wood drill bit is cutting tools used by general drills or drilling machines to cut round holes. The basic principle of the drill is to rotate the cutting edge of the drill, cut the workpiece, and then remove the drill chips from the drill groove.
The greater the ratio of the length to the diameter of the drill bit, the greater the bending tendency. By reducing the aspect ratio, the bending force can be reduced to avoid the drill bit breaking and the hole diameter error increasing. Deeper holes require a larger aspect ratio of the drill bit size. Usually the hole depth is more than 3 times the diameter is a "deep hole", and the hole depth of the micro drill generally exceeds this limit. For example, a drill with a diameter of 3.175mm processes a hole with a depth of 31.75mm, and the aspect ratio reaches 10:1; while a drill with a diameter of 0.508mm processes a hole with a depth of 25.4mm, the aspect ratio reaches 50:1. Therefore, as the diameter of the drill bit decreases and the brittleness increases, deflection becomes the source of many problems. To control the brittleness of the drill bit, it is necessary to consider the hardness and toughness of the tool matrix.
Wood drill bits, of course, also include extra long wood drill bits, generally three-pointed blade, high in the middle and low on both sides. Because the wood is soft, it can be drilled faster, and the cutting edges on both sides can also make the drill hole neat and beautiful.
After reading some knowledge about wood drill bits, let's look at some knowledge about TCT circular saw blades.
The circular saw blade inlaid with carbide tungsten carbide is called TCT circular saw blade for short.
TCT circular saw blades can make real wood. Wood, such as wood-based panels, can also be cut into aluminum alloys, aluminum profiles, radiators and other aluminum materials, and of course plastics. Plastic steel, glass, these are even more important. The purpose of different circular saw blades will be different due to different cutting materials and cutting requirements, so you must first understand or consult customer service or technical personnel before purchasing. Do not blindly follow the trend or buy from hearsay Some circular saw blades that are not suitable for your own trial.


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