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Yarn dyed fabric manufacturing process
« on: 10 November 2020, 06:30:39 »

Yarn dyed fabric is fabric woven with dyed yarns. Yarn dyeing is generally divided into two methods: yarn-dyed yarns and dyed yarns. Generally speaking, yarn dyed fabrics refer to cloth woven by shuttle looms, but the same is true for knitting machines. Yarn-dyed knitted fabric can be made.

Compared with printed and dyed fabrics, yarn dyed fabrics have unique styles, but they are more expensive. Because the total loss of dyeing, weaving, and finishing of yarn dyed fabrics is relatively large, the output of Taiwanese fabrics is not as high as that of white fabrics, so the cost is increased.


1. Fully-dyed:

There are dyed or partially dyed yarns in the warp and weft (or several colored yarns are interwoven with white yarn in the fabric).

2. Half-dyed

The warp or weft yarn is dyed or partially dyed. The grey yarn cannot be used for weaving yarn dyed fabrics. Because the tension and shrinkage of the grey yarn are different from the dyed yarn, it must not be used in the warp direction. In the weft direction, the fabric will be deformed due to shrinkage when finishing. Therefore, generally colorless yarns are processed by half or full bleaching.

High-end yarn dyed fabrics, about 800 million meters per year worldwide, are mainly concentrated in China, which accounts for 35-40% of global high-end yarn dyed fabrics. Top yarn dyed fabrics, the world does not exceed 50 million square meters per year, mainly concentrated in a few manufacturers such as Italy, France, Germany and Japan, targeting fashion and top brand shirts. Middle and low-end yarn dyed fabrics, about 3 billion meters per year in China, 90% of domestic yarn dyed fabrics are middle and low-end products.

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