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How To Choose A Dc Freezer
« on: 04 November 2020, 09:42:07 »
With the improvement of the economic level and the diversification of family ingredients, the freezing of a refrigerator can no longer fully meet the needs of users. Many families will be equipped with DC freezers to store more ingredients, enrich the family’s diet, and ensure their healthy and nutritious intake . So how do we choose home DC freezers? What kind of DC freezer is a good DC freezer? Let’s share with you.
First of all, there are two types of home DC freezers, one is frost-free and the other is frost. The frost-free DC freezer is a fully air-cooled frost-free freezer. It does not require defrosting for 365 days, saving time and effort. The advantages of a home DC freezer are mainly three points: 1. No frost throughout the year, no defrosting for 365 days, convenient and clean. 2. The area is small, 0.38 square meters, which is much smaller than the traditional horizontal DC freezer, which solves the problems of small-sized or restricted families. 3. There is no need to bend down and search, layered drawer design, clear at a glance, the ingredients are stored in different categories. In addition, the Caijing glass panel is beautiful and easy to take care of. There is also one-key adjustment of refrigeration, freezing and soft freezing, and the storage temperature can be adjusted at any time according to seasonal changes.
 The other is a small DC freezer with frost at home, the more common capacity is generally around 100 liters -150. Small DC freezers on the market are the best-selling big brands. Let's talk about the difference between these DC freezers. First of all, these are small household DC freezers with Caijing glass panels and electronic temperature controllers. The price is similar, and their looks are relatively good. The biggest differences are as follows: 1: Electronic thermostat, some intelligent temperature controllers can display the actual temperature inside the cabinet in real time, and have a high temperature alarm function and a one-button quick freezing function. The safety of the ingredients in the box is guaranteed. Some electronic temperature controllers only display the set temperature, not the box temperature. The temperature changes of the ingredients cannot be seen directly, and there is a hidden danger that the temperature of the ingredients changes greatly and cannot be known. 2: Some of the biggest features are an 80% defrosting device, which is marked with a patent number next to the device, which can be checked. The defrosting device is at the mouth of the box, and an air outlet connected to the outside is used to prevent external moisture from flowing into the box through a water blocking film. The body improves the frosting situation, which can reduce the frost and balance the pressure inside and outside the box. Others also have a defrosting device. On the inside of the door, after the device is opened, there is a black biochemical cotton with a large aperture. There is no scientific logic for defrosting. The frosting part of the horizontal DC freezer is around the box, and the door does not frost, so it is not convincing. 3: The DC freezer can be completely frozen in the middle, and the refrigeration is more uniform, and the temperature of the entire cabinet is even, and the freezing is thorough. The traditional refrigeration with the bottom upward, because the air-conditioning is heavy, it is used to sinking, the air-conditioning cannot reach the cabinet opening, and the cooling is uneven.
The normal temperature of the freezer is between -18℃ and 12℃, usually the temperature of the freezer compartment is -18℃-0℃, and the temperature of the refrigerator compartment is 0℃-12℃.
Most foods are kept fresh at a temperature between 3°C and 8°C, so the temperature range of the refrigerating r