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Definition Of Diamond Grinding Wheel
« on: 30 October 2020, 10:07:16 »
Diamond grinding wheel is a kind of diamond tool, which is mainly suitable for the surface grinding processing of various refractory materials. The product adopts specially designed tapered mounting hole structure, which is easy to install and unload, has good processing flatness, high grinding efficiency, It has the advantages of high service life and can be applied to all domestic and imported grinding equipment.
Chinese name: diamond English name: diamond Definition: An allotrope of carbon, which is the hardest known substance. There are two types of natural and artificial. Subject: Mechanical Engineering (first-level discipline); Abrasives (second-level discipline); Abrasives (third-level discipline) Diamond is commonly known as "diamond diamond". This is what we often call diamond, which is a mineral composed of pure carbon. Diamond is the hardest substance in nature. The use of diamond is very wide, such as: handicrafts, cutting tools in industry. Carbon can form diamond at high temperature and high pressure.
Diamond cup grinding wheel, is made by welding or cold pressing diamond blades on a metal substrate; diamond blades are made by artificial industrial diamond and other metal powders, cold pressing and hot pressing sintering, and then Welded on the metal substrate in the shape of a bowl. Diamond grinding wheels are usually installed on concrete grinding machines to polish concrete, granite, marble and other stones. Diamond grinding wheels come in different types and specifications to cater to different application needs. They are commonly used to polish concrete, stone, paint, glue, epoxy and other ground coatings. Diamond cutter heads have different matrixes, different particle sizes and different diamond concentrations; the matrix can be divided into hard, medium, and soft, etc.; the particle size can be divided into coarse, medium, fine, etc.; so their quality and use are different ; For ground grinding with different roughness, we should also choose a more appropriate particle size. Generally, for rough grinding, we should choose a softer carcass and a high-quality grinding wheel. The particle size can be large. For example, 16#, 20# or 30/40# for grinding. Choosing this kind of suitable grinding wheel can increase work efficiency; for fine grinding, we can also call polishing. We can choose hard matrix and fine-grained grinding wheels. The degree is like 80# -120#, and other finer particle sizes can also be selected according to the needs of polishing. (Article by M-inuo Diamond Tools)