Author Topic: The Requirements Of Outdoor String Lights Manufacturer Are Constantly Improving  (Read 331 times)


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With the continuous expansion of the outdoor string lights market, the public's requirements for products are constantly improving. The outdoor string lights manufacturer should also constantly learn and understand industry information and professional knowledge.

Structure and properties of raw materials:

1. Chip manufacturers: Top chips mainly come from the United States, Germany, Japan and Korea. This is related to the positioning of manufacturers, market conditions and policies. Different chip manufacturers generally have different stability.

2. Chip size: At present, the chip sizes of advertising light sources are: 9MIL,10MIL,12MIL,14MIL, etc. For the same chip, the larger the size, the higher the brightness, the stronger the bearing capacity, the better the stability, and of course the higher the price.

3. Life span of LED outdoor string lights: The life span of the best LED is only 50,000 hours at present, and the life span of LED chips is different due to the advanced differences of equipment used by packagers in production, technical differences, different packaging forms, different management, and different user usage methods.

4. Quality of circuit board: under the condition of the same LED quality, the quality of circuit board will have an important impact on the life of LED outdoor string lights. Circuit boards are divided into aluminum board, fiberglass board, semi-fiberglass board and paperboard. Aluminum plate has the best quality and the best heat dissipation effect, but the cost is too high. Domestic manufacturers generally only use it on high-power LED products.

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