Author Topic: How To Dye The Memory Fabric Is The Key  (Read 70 times)


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How To Dye The Memory Fabric Is The Key
« on: 22 September 2020, 06:46:26 »
The fabric made of PTT fiber has a shape memory function, that is, it has good wrinkle recovery ability. The finished product made of this memory fabric has a recovery of 93% under the effect of 5% strain (while PET fiber is under 5% strain) The rebound rate is 63%), without external support, it can independently maintain any shape and can show any wrinkles, and can be fully restored to a flat state after being flicked by hand, without leaving any creases. Sex.

This memory fabric also has unique advantages:

(1) It has unique memory function and comfortable hand feeling, which cannot be replaced by any other fiber.

(2) The fabric is soft and shiny, making it comparable to silk.

(3) Its unique characteristics are wrinkle resistance, shrinkage resistance, drapability, smoothness and non-ironing effect.

(4) wicking, anti-ultraviolet, and sunshine resistance, so that man and nature always keep perfect unity.

(5) Excellent antibacterial property, mildew resistance and skin care maintenance make your skin spring all the year round.

(6) It is completely biodegradable, and its products can be decomposed into carbon dioxide and water in soil or seawater after being discarded, so that the environment is always natural and green, and it is a perfect environment-friendly and green fiber in the world at present.

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