Author Topic: Scratch Of Metal Composite Panel Is A Common Quality Problem  (Read 136 times)


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Scratch Of Metal Composite Panel Is A Common Quality Problem
« on: 18 September 2020, 05:34:09 »
In the production process of Metal Composite Panel , quality problems easily occur due to equipment or personnel error.

First of all, oil stains are common in quality problems: oil stains refer to the excessive oil on the outer surface after rolling, which carries the remaining oil except the rolling oil film, and the visible oil on the outer surface during slitting and product inspection. These oils are mainly composed of throwing, splashing and dripping on the box surface at the roll neck or above and below the exit of the rolling mill, abnormal roll cleaner of the rolling mill, dripping oil at the thickness measuring head of the rolling mill, etc., and the dirty components are often complicated.

Solution: Once the production equipment was strictly inspected, if it was found that there was too much oil pollution in the equipment, it was necessary to clean it in time and find out the reasons. At the same time, the products were cleaned and processed. If the products that could not be cleaned were discarded, the products with oil pollution were prohibited from entering the warehouse and flowing into the mall.

Second, scratches are frequent occurrences of quality problems: scratches, abrasions and bumps are intermittent or continuous, single furrow-shaped scars on the surface of metal composite panel. Generally, it is produced when sharp objects slide relative to the foil surface after touching.

The main causes are: sharp defects on the surface of rolls and guide rollers, or adhesion of hard sundries; Mechanical guide rollers and guide paths for cutting, rewinding and slitting have sharp defects or sundries. Scratch: the scars scattered in bundles (or groups) on the outer surface of the box material due to the relative sliding or dislocation between edges and surfaces or surfaces after touching.

Solution: Control the scratches caused by the touch of production equipment roll and metal composite panel, and pay attention as much as possible in the process of packaging or lifting the metal composite panel to avoid scratches in this process.

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