Author Topic: Solutions To Common Problems Of Household Product Mould  (Read 69 times)


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Solutions To Common Problems Of Household Product Mould
« on: 10 September 2020, 06:45:47 »
The structure of Household Product Mould and the process of mold processing will affect the quality of plastic products. Sometimes, the household product mould will show problems in production, so how do we eliminate them?

1. Damage to guide posts.

Guide posts play a leading role in the mold to ensure that the molding surfaces of the core and cavity do not collide with each other under any circumstances, and guide posts cannot be used as force-bearing parts or positioning parts. In the following cases, when the injection is moving, a huge lateral offset force will occur in the mold fixing:

(1) When the wall thickness requirements of plastic parts are uneven, the material flow passes through the thick wall at a high speed, and a large pressure occurs here;

(2) The sides of plastic parts are asymmetrical, such as the dies with stepped parting surfaces, and the opposite back pressures on the two sides are not equal.

2. Deviation of dynamic and fixed mode.

For large dies, due to the different filling rates in different directions, and the influence of die dead weight during die loading, the dynamic and fixed die offset occurs. In the above cases, the lateral offset force will be applied to the guide pillar during injection, and the surface of the guide pillar will be galling and damaged when the mold is opened. In severe cases, the guide pillar will be bent or cut off, and even the mold cannot be opened. In order to deal with the above problems, a high-strength positioning key is added on the parting surface of the die, and the cylindrical key is simply and effectively selected. The straightness between guide pillar hole and parting surface is very important.

3. It is difficult to strip the gate.

In the process of injection molding, the sprue is stuck in the sprue bushing, which is not easy to come out. When the mold is opened, the product appears crack damage. In addition, it is necessary for the operator to knock out the nozzle with the top level of copper rod, so as to loosen it before demoulding, which severely affects the production power. The main reason for this problem is that the sprue taper hole has poor finish and there are knife marks in the circumferential direction of the inner hole. Secondly, the material is too soft, the small end of the taper hole is deformed or damaged after being used for a period of time, and the radian of the nozzle spherical surface is too small, resulting in riveting of the gate material here.

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