Author Topic: Identify The Quality Of Outdoor String Lights Through Simple Operation  (Read 247 times)


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You can't judge the quality of outdoor string lights only by looking at their appearance, so outdoor string lights manufacturer suggest that you need some simple operations to identify them:

1. Compare brightness: attach milky acrylic board to the same number of outdoor string lights, and then slowly lift a short distance to see if the brightness of light beads can meet your own requirements.

2. Comparing the current passing through outdoor string lights: white light is generally < =18-20MA in theory, and others are < =20-25MA. For modules and light strings with extremely high current, such as 25-40MA, I think users should consider their stability.

3. Uniform illumination: When observing white light, we must pay attention to whether there is chromatic aberration, which can be observed by covering it with milky acrylic board. Whether there is chromatic aberration is the most important part to distinguish the quality of white light, and it is also one of the main reasons leading to the price difference.

4. Wire identification: Silicone rubber sleeve, containing copper wires mostly tin-clad copper, with high purity and soft wire body. This is the best wire. Silicone rubber sleeve can resist oxidation for a long time, and tin-coated copper can also prevent oxidation of copper wire and make the wire body soft. More copper wires can pass more current without being burned out by large current.

5. Luminous angle: The same brightness, the larger the angle, the better. At present, the angle is generally 160-180 degrees. Large angles generally need to be made with large chips, and some manufacturers try to achieve an angle of 120-140 degrees in pursuit of brightness. Now, the market requires that the lights can be seen from the side, but the lights can't be seen from the side of the small angle lights.

6. Outdoor string lights light bead temperature: After lighting for a period of time, touch the light bead with your hand. If the temperature is very high or even hot, it is definitely not as stable as the low temperature. You can also look at the circuit board. Modules made of glass fiber are generally better than those made of cardboard.

7. Manufacturing process: How bright is the solder, whether it is full, whether there is virtual soldering, and the serious problem is virtual soldering. After a certain time, poor contact occurs. This affects heat dissipation and sign stability. Then the subsequent maintenance will be troublesome. At present, most small-scale manufacturers of advertising light sources are welded by hand, and the proficiency of workers directly affects the quality.

8. Waterproof treatment: As for the waterproof treatment of outdoor string lights, it is very important to see whether there is glue on the outside of PCB. The identification is also simple, and the skin can be removed. Because of product competition, many factories do not do three-proof treatment for circuit boards and components.

9. PVC shell: A better shell can resist ultraviolet rays, flame retardance, antifreeze and heat resistance. Transparent glue or PVC glue is generally of good quality. If the PVC rubber sleeve of the exposed light has poor elasticity and transparency, it is possible to reuse the nozzle material or have poor quality.

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