Author Topic: The Light Control Of China Solar Wall Lights Is Completed By Controller  (Read 264 times)


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As we all know, solar wall lights are powered by solar energy, which turns on at dark and turns off at dawn. Many people don't understand how to control the lighting time of solar wall lights. Therefore, aiming at this problem, China solar wall light manufacturers give you a simple analysis of how to control the lighting time of solar wall lights.

The light control of the solar wall light is completed by the controller. The light control controller of the solar wall light has a light control point voltage, which is generally set to 3v or lower. When the solar light weakens, the voltage received by the controller will continue to drop. When it drops to the set value, the controller will get a dark signal, which will connect the battery and the light source circuit. At this time, it will form a complete circuit loop and the LED light source will light up; When the light gradually increases and reaches a certain voltage, the controller will think it is dawn, disconnect the battery and light source circuit, and connect the battery and photovoltaic panel circuit, so that the photovoltaic panel can charge the battery. At this time, the light source light goes out.

In fact, time control refers to the time when the lights are on every day, for example, the lights can be on for 4 hours, 5 hours, 6 hours or even 12 hours every day. The controller has the function of light control+time control, and lights up automatically at dark, so the solar wall light is safe, energy-saving, green, environment-friendly, stable and reliable without manual operation, and saves electricity and maintenance. Generally, the solar wall light controller does not have a built-in clock, and it generally does not operate according to the clock. The turning-on time generally triggers the turning-on circuit by monitoring the power generation current value of the solar panel, and the current value is generally set to 5ma, which can be adjusted correspondingly with the use time of the solar panel; New solar wall light controllers all support multi-time regulation, and the luminous power of lights can be set in different time periods, which should be adjusted according to actual needs.

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