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The China freezer suppliers tells you that the exhaust temperature refers to the refrigerant temperature at the exhaust valve. In order to ensure the safe operation of the compressor, it is stipulated that the exhaust temperature of R12 unit shall not exceed 130℃, and the system of R22 and ammonia shall not exceed 50℃. If the exhaust temperature is too high, the viscosity of lubricating oil will be reduced due to temperature rise, which will deteriorate the lubricating effect and easily cause damage to running parts. When the exhaust temperature rises to close to the flash point of lubricating oil, there is no danger easily, and the exhaust temperature is much higher than the condensation temperature.

There are two situations when the temperature of the freezer is high: first, the refrigerant leaks fluorine without refrigerant, and the freezer is always working, but the temperature inside the freezer cannot be lowered. For a long time, the food in the cabinet is seriously damaged, please repair it in time. As usual, it is not only a new freezer, but also usually gives you this feeling slowly in a cold room with half frost. The other half has no frost and is thicker on the frost side. The freezer has no frost for a long time. At this time, there may be several water polos, and the temperature inside the cabinet will be very high.

Such freezers are usually difficult to repair. It is difficult to find long-term leakage after maintenance, because it is difficult to find leakage. The second reason for the high temperature is frost formation on the evaporator, which is mainly an air-cooled freezer. This type of freezer requires an evaporator. If frost on the evaporator is not lost, the air passage will be blocked. The cold won't come out and the freezer won't cool. This situation may be due to a problem with the defrosting system, or due to a problem with the defrosting timer or damage to the heating tube.

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