Author Topic: China Zinc Die Casting Manufacturer Take Each Product Seriously  (Read 1986 times)


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In the process of making zinc die castings, our engineers often ask customers if they have 3D drawings. At this time, many customers will think that the products we want to make are very simple and not so complicated, so they don't need 3D drawings. Then the China Zinc Die Casting Manufacturer raises a question here. Do you still need drawings for such a simple structure of zinc die casting?

In fact, whether it is a simple structure or a complex structure, drawings are needed in the manufacturing process of precision die castings, because we polish products according to drawings. Another thing to say is that it may be simple in your eyes, but in our eyes, it has become an important project that must be taken seriously. Maybe, the order quantity of this project is not very large, or the project does not have such high requirements, but we still have to treat it with the most rigorous attitude.

Only when we take it seriously can we polish better products. Only then can we make a more reasonable and accurate quotation, analyze the product structure more clearly, design the mold more scientifically, and make the product last longer.

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