Author Topic: According To What To Classify Yarn Dyed Fabric  (Read 154 times)


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According To What To Classify Yarn Dyed Fabric
« on: 23 June 2020, 06:35:37 »
The yarn dyed fabric can be divided into full-dyed and semi-dyed fabrics.

Full-color weaving: dyed or partially dyed yarns are present in both warp and weft (or several colored yarns are interwoven with white yarns in the fabric).

Semi-dyed: Yarns of warp or weft are dyed or partially dyed.  

The reason why the fabric is fully dyed:

1. In order to obtain the effect of different colors-the same raw material can't be dyed with different colors, but dyed fabric can be used.

2. Requirements for color fastness and light color-dyed products have good color fastness and light color perception. Requirements for c-level sense-requires a good level sense.  

Reasons for semi-dyed fabrics:

1. Different warp and weft raw materials-semi-dyed fabrics can be used because different warp and weft raw materials have different dyeing performance requirements.

2. Reduce costs and increase fancy.

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