Author Topic: Energy Conservation And Environmental Protection Are Hot Topics For Aluminum Mag  (Read 188 times)


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Generally, the winding methods of Aluminum Magnet Wire mainly include all overlapping winding and all gap winding. Usually, the innermost and outer layers are overlapped and wrapped, and the other layers are wrapped with gaps. In the production process of enameled wire, condensation curing of paint and evaporation of solvent are carried out at the same time, and the smell and air pollution brought out by evaporation of a large amount of solvent.

Aluminum magnet wires are composed of a certain number of enameled copper flat wires into two rows with wide surfaces in contact with each other, and the upper and lower surfaces of the two rows of enameled flat wires are transposed along the narrow surfaces in the same direction as required, and then electrical insulating paper and ropes or tapes are used as winding wires for continuous winding.

At present, with the increase of output, people and environmental protection departments are paying more and more attention to it, and it has also become a topic facing enterprises. Therefore, energy conservation and environmental protection have become hot topics in enameled wire industry.

At present, energy conservation and consumption reduction have become the key work of the Chinese government. Under the requirements of the general environment, enameled wire industry should also attach great importance to and solve the problem of high-temperature waste gas pollution.

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