Author Topic: Method For Installing Crossbeam Of Aluminum Honeycomb Panel  (Read 227 times)


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Installation of Aluminum Honeycomb Panel erection stand:

1. Connect the corner joint with anti-corrosion glue type square gasket, spring washer, and pair of threaded bolts to fix the keel by hand.

2. Butt the top of the keel to the marked position, and fix the spot welding angle code temporarily.

3. The vertical error of the 2-meter guiding rule compared with the keel is 2mm until the three-dimensional alignment.

4. Review the diameter, and make comparison according to the setting-out method.

5. The full welding angle code shall be in contact with the embedded parts. The welding height shall be 6-8mm, and the lines shall be smooth. No bubbles and slag inclusion are allowed.

6. Remove slag and rust, and apply antirust paint twice.

Installation of aluminum honeycomb panel beam:

1. According to the construction drawing frame draw beam position axis.

2. Weld and fix the angle code according to the mark line position.

3. Place the crossbeam between the two corner yards, and fine-tune it to the position where it enters and exits and to the level of the upright surface.

4. Positive levelness and access position.

5. Full welding.

6. De-slagging and derusting secondary antirust paint coating.

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