Author Topic: China Freezer Suppliers Remind You Of Precautions In Use  (Read 176 times)


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After you own the freezer, China freezer suppliers have some tips that can help you. Let's take a look at the introduction.

Precautions before using the new freezer:

The new freezer should be left for two hours and then powered on. The electricity must be pre-cooled three hours before storage, and then the product can be placed only when the freezer temperature drops below minus 18 degrees Celsius.

Daily maintenance of freezer:

1) There is good ventilation space around the freezer to avoid direct sunlight.

2) Operation of freezing chamber requires stable voltage and is equipped with independent power socket.

3) Dust on condenser fan and condenser shall be cleaned regularly.

The following sections need to be checked:

1) The power plug of the freezer or freezer is not plugged into the power socket.

2) Is there a power outlet?

3) Whether power is cut off.

4) Are fuses and circuit breakers open?

5) Seek professional maintenance personnel to solve the problem.

Poor heat dissipation in commercial freezers:

1) Whether the temperature regulator is set too high.

2) Whether the food is stored too much or in overheated food.

3) often open or seal the door is not strict.

4) There are direct sunlight sources or heat sources near freezers and freezers.

5) Poor ventilation around.

Commercial freezer smells:

1) Whether there is no food with rich flavor packaged.

2) Have you cleaned the freezer for a long time?

Frozen food freezing:

1) If the temperature of the refrigerating chamber is too low, please adjust the thermostat knob to the appropriate position.

2) If the ambient temperature is lower than 5 C, please raise the temperature.

3) Whether foods with high moisture content are placed deep in the shelves.

The freezer is noisy:

1) Is the floor firm and level?

2) Whether freezers and freezers are placed stably.

3) Is the backrest close to the wall?

4) Whether it is in contact with vibrating objects.

After-sales service for freezer failure:

1) Communicate with customer service personnel for the first time, and contact after-sales customers for handling.

2) For other refrigeration cabinets, please transfer the goods to avoid losses.

Maintenance identification method of freezer:

1) The freezer is not covered by the warranty and the factory is not responsible for compensation.

2) The storage capacity of the cold storage exceeds the load line; Cold food mixed with mineral water; Cold storage places are poorly ventilated and chemicals will form under direct sunlight.

3) Chemical products caused by non-product quality will not be compensated. The customer did not respond to the chemical products during the maintenance process, and the service personnel did not see the chemical products at the door. Since then, they have been unable to obtain evidence and therefore cannot obtain compensation.

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