Author Topic: Which Is Better, Aluminum Corrugated Panel Or Colored Steel Panel  (Read 158 times)


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Aluminum panel, also known as profiled aluminum panel, corrugated aluminum panel and Aluminum Corrugated Panel , is a kind of profiled panel formed by rolling and cold bending aluminum panel into various wave types.

Colored steel panel is a pressure panel made of colored coated steel panel through roll bending into various wave forms.

Many customers have been entangled between aluminum panel and color steel panel. They have a lot in common. For example, they are all suitable for industrial and civil construction, warehouse, special construction, roof, wall surface and interior and exterior wall decoration of large-span structures. They all have the characteristics of light weight, high strength, rich color, convenient and fast construction, earthquake resistance, fire prevention, rain prevention, etc.

There are also differences between them. For example, the cost of aluminum panel is high, which is twice as much as that of colored steel panel. The scrap of aluminum panel accounts for 80% of the aluminum panel itself, so the scrap can be recovered and has high value. However, the cost of colored steel panels is low, the scrap cannot be recovered, and the recovery price is too low. The life span of color steel panel is one to two years, and that of aluminum panel is ten or even twenty years.

In today's society, when the labor cost is too high, I suggest to use aluminum panel. Aluminum panel has a longer service life, higher recovery rate, higher recovery price and longer service life than color steel panel.

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