Author Topic: Various Skills Requirements for Household Product Mould  (Read 166 times)


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There are many types of Household Product Mould . Even for the same type of moulds, the initial and precision requirements are different due to different types of formed plastics. Therefore, the assembly drawing should be carefully studied and analyzed before assembly. The part drawing should understand the effect, characteristics and skill requirements of each part, and confirm the installation benchmark. After installation, the quality indexes of the products, the action precision of the moulds and various skill requirements in the use process are finally fully achieved.

1. Installation benchmark, installation benchmark can be roughly divided into:

(1) The main working parts in the plastic mould, such as core, cavity and insert, are taken as the installation reference parts, and other parts of the mould are all equipped with installation reference parts for manufacturing and installation.

(2) Trimming and installing with the template side base surface of the guide pillar guide sleeve or the die as the installation reference surface.

2. mould installation precision, mould installation precision includes:

(1) the accuracy of each part, such as distance dimension accuracy, coaxiality, equality, straightness, etc.

(2) relative motion accuracy, such as transmission accuracy, linear motion and reverse motion accuracy, etc.

(3) cooperation precision and touch precision, such as cooperation gap, interference touch, etc.

(4) The wall thickness of plastic forming parts shall be offset to the lower limit of the dimension when new moulds are made.

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