Author Topic: Solar Wall Light Manufacturer Work As Usual On Rainy Days  (Read 186 times)


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As a lighting product in solar power generation, people have similar misconceptions about the power generation of solar wall lights. They all think that without the sun, there would be no work and no power generation. The solar wall light manufacturer will tell you the truth, whether it is solar wall light or solar power generation, it can also work when there is no sun, but the efficiency of converting electric energy is not high, so we often ignore it.

Therefore, this involves a rainy day, many customers will ask the solar wall light whether it rains or not. If there is a big sun today and a heavy rain tomorrow, then the solar wall light will be on. If today's big sun, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow are rainy days for several consecutive days, it depends on how many consecutive rainy days the wall lights can support. Because the working principle of the solar wall light is to generate electricity through the solar panel and store it in the solar wall light storage battery, that is to say, the larger the specification of the solar panel, the larger the charging amount, and at the same time, the larger the specification of the solar wall light storage battery, the more electrical energy can be stored. If the world needs solar wall lights to last for a long time on rainy days, then the specifications of solar panels and solar wall light batteries must be increased at the same time. Of course, this also explains why the higher the configuration of solar wall lights, the more expensive the price. In general, solar wall lights will continue to light up on rainy days, and the general configuration can last for 3-5 working days.

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