Author Topic: What Are The General Components of The Water Filter Spare Parts  (Read 160 times)


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Components of Water Filter Spare Parts generally include PP cotton filter element, activated carbon filter element (front), RO reverse osmosis membrane filter element.

Raw water reaches the water storage tank after passing through the filter element assembly of the host machine, and water from the water storage tank reaches the faucet after passing through the rear activated carbon filter element.

From the above description of the process, it can be seen that the function of the rear activated carbon filter element is different from that of the front activated carbon filter element.

Because RO membrane has high precision, great filtration resistance and slow water production speed, only slowly purified water can be stored in a pressure water storage tank.

A rubber airbag is placed in the pressure tank, and the water pressure is released through the pressure between the water storage airbag and the tank body. In this case, the purified water will have a little bit of rubber smell after contacting the rubber for a long time, which will have a certain impact on the taste.

In order to prevent and eliminate this peculiar smell caused by rubber, engineers have installed a level of post activated carbon behind the water storage tank, which is its function.

After the function of the post activated carbon is clearly understood, it is easier to judge its replacement cycle.

1, using the contrast method

As the pre-activated carbon takes on the role of adsorbing other pollutants in water, including residual chlorine, the filter element period is generally only about 6-12 months. However, the pollutants to be intercepted by the rear activated carbon are much less than those in the front. Therefore, the replacement period is longer than that of pre-activated carbon. If the replacement period of pre-activated carbon is 12 months, it is suggested that the replacement period of post-activated carbon is 2-3 times of 12 months.

2. Taste sensation method

After using the water filter for a period of time, if you feel that the taste has a little peculiar smell, it is recommended to replace the post activated carbon immediately. If you do not feel any peculiar smell all the time, it is recommended that the replacement period should not exceed 48 months.

3. Special circumstances

If the water storage tank needs to be replaced during use, it is recommended to replace the rear activated carbon filter element at the same time.

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