Author Topic: Water Filter Cartridges Effectively Remove Bacteria And Organic Pollutants  (Read 209 times)


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Water Filter Cartridges(KOKOELECTRIC) for water purification products have different filtration effects and effects on water quality depending on the raw materials used. The common ones are mainly material barrier filtration and adsorption functions, such as PPcotton water filtration cartridges and activated carbon water filtration cartridges. With the extension of service time, impurities in the water will block the water filter cartridge and the activated carbon water filter cartridge will be saturated with adsorption. Generally speaking, PP water filter cartridge needs to be replaced in 3 months and activated carbon water filter cartridge needs to be replaced in 6 months. Neither of these two kinds of water filter cartridges can effectively remove bacteria and organic pollutants. Saturation failure is not easy to find.

Hollow fibres and nanoceramics are all filtered by pure physical barrier. Their filtration accuracy can reach 0.1-0.01um, which can effectively filter out bacteria and harmful substances. The water filtered by the purified water products using the two water filter cartridges can be directly drunk. Hollow fibres are usually placed at the back end of PP cotton and activated carbon for use because they cannot be cleaned, otherwise, they are easy to be blocked and need to be replaced for 1-2 years when used as the end sterilization of water purification equipment.

Nano-ceramics are sintered from natural diatomite, which has better filtering effect and 100% removal of bacteria and impurities. When there are too many impurities, the water outlet flow of the water filter cartridge will be reduced, which is convenient to control the cleaning time. Due to the high strength of the water filter cartridge, it can be repeatedly scrubbed for 50-100 times, and the filtering effect of the water filter cartridge can be seen every time it is cleaned. It is the direct drinking water purification product water filter cartridge with the best and safest effect and the longest use time at present.

Water purifier is a good product, which can save a lot of living costs and improve the quality of our water. Moreover, the water purifier market has great development potential.

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