Author Topic: Transfer Printing Fabric Is Applied in Many Fields of Today's Society  (Read 159 times)


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As transfer printing technology is more and more widely used in the textile industry, daily commodities and other industries, the development of transfer printing technology are also very rapid. The continuous upgrading and perfection of production and manufacturing technology have made transfer printing technology applied in many fields of today's society. What are the advantages of transfer printing fabric(WANSHIYITEX) ?

1. In the textile industry, transfer printing is not only suitable for synthetic textiles, but also can be applied to pure natural plants for printing effect.

2. The transfer printing technology uses water when it is used, so there will be no sewage and it is also a kind of protection to the environment.

3. The transfer printing technology requires few processes and is very convenient. And after processing, the finished product can be obtained, which is not necessary for any processing process.

4. After processing by transfer printing technology, the quality of the finished product is very high. The pattern is very clear and the level is obvious. Moreover, it is very artistic and has a strong stereoscopic impression. The general printing method cannot achieve this effect.

5. During the transfer printing process, the articles will not be polluted, because the oil stains generated during the technical process are transferred away through the paper.

6. Transfer printing technology is very convenient. After the pattern is selected, it can be printed quickly.

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