Author Topic: The Types of Products in China Chain Factory Are Becoming More And More Diversif  (Read 279 times)


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Chain industry is a kind of discrete manufacturing industry. Its production method is to process raw materials into parts, which are assembled into finished products through component assembly and overall assembly. Today, China chain factory takes you to have a detailed understanding of the chain industry:

1. With the globalization of industrial production and the rapid development of information technology, the personalized needs of customers are also gradually increasing, and the variety of products is becoming more and more diversified. At the same time, market demand is changing rapidly, making it more difficult to predict. It is not continuous and difficult to provide a reliable basis for reasonable production arrangement.

2. The structure of chain products is relatively complex, generally composed of rollers, sleeves, pin shafts, chain plates, and other parts. However, there may be more than seven or eight kinds of parts but as many as dozens of kinds of parts for those non-standard chains, and these parts are limited by the processing capacity and equipment. Some need to be purchased from external processing, others need to be processed by themselves, and the calculation and arrangement of the production plan are very complicated due to frequent changes in the production process. At present, with a large number of orders increasing, under certain manufacturing capacity, there is a phenomenon of temporary insertion of orders urgently needed by some large customers, which makes it difficult to give consideration to the flexibility and seriousness of production planning, and production planning is often difficult to guide production.

3. Due to the uncertainty of the production plan and the lack of real-time grasp of the stock materials, stock materials are often sluggish and the materials needed for production are short of parts. Incompatible phenomena coexist at the same time. This is why, on the one hand, the manufacturing cost calculated by the financial department has increased significantly, while on the other hand, the output value has not increased.

4. As the processing process of each component of the chain has to go through different processes and processes controlled, the production capacity of each process is usually unbalanced, the processing difficulty varies from large to small, the completion time of semi-finished products varies from long to short, barrel effect is easy to occur in production, production is restricted by key bottleneck resources, and often one component is not in place, affecting the timely completion and delivery of the entire contract.

5. Some outsourced parts need to be processed by outsourced manufacturers. Due to the large variety and variable quantity, some processes are relatively complicated. For example, some parts are processed in one outsourced manufacturer and then processed in another or several outsourced manufacturers for the next process. Thus, tracking and controlling the quality and delivery time of outsourced products is also very difficult. Although this phenomenon has improved with the introduction of the concept of first management, which brings the supplier into the controllable management scope, it is still not very optimistic.

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