Author Topic: Which directions can Outdoor Protection Fabric Be Used in Sports?  (Read 107 times)


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Outdoor Protection Fabric(WANSHIYITEX) can be applied to mountaineering clothing, ski clothing, assault clothing, etc. in sports. The product has high-performance requirements, is suitable for exploration and use in harsh environments, and has a protective effect on people. Outdoor protection fabric is defined in outdoor recreation as being used for outdoor activities. This fabric is mainly casual and fashionable, exquisite in workmanship, soft in hand, comfortable to wear, suitable for travel, outdoor activities, etc.

Functional fabric refers to the change of fabric properties, the addition of functional materials, and addition of various preparations and processes in the production process and finishing process, so that the fabric has special functions and super-strong properties, making it have "special functions" that ordinary fabrics cannot or cannot achieve.

In addition to its basic use functions, outdoor protection fabric also have the functions of antibiosis, acarid prevention, mildew prevention, antivirus, mosquito prevention, moth prevention, fire prevention, wrinkle prevention, iron prevention, waterproof, oil resistance, ultraviolet resistance, moisture absorption, quick-drying, memory, fluorescence, perspiration, antistatic, wrinkle prevention, far infrared treatment, etc. Nanometer products, anti-electromagnetic radiation, aromatic, magnetic therapy, infrared physiotherapy, negative ion health care, etc. One or more total effects of forests. With the passage of time, more functional textiles will appear.

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