Author Topic: The Production of Digital Printing Fabric Has Really Realized Small Batches  (Read 368 times)


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The digital printing fabric(WANSHIYITEX)
 does not use water or colour paste in the printing process. The use of dyes in the spray printing process is "distributed according to needs" by a computer, so that in the spray printing process, there is no waste of dyeing and chemical materials and no wastewater; in the spray printing process controlled by the computer, no noise is generated, so that no pollution is generated in the spray printing process, and a green production process is realized, so that the production of textile printing is freed from the production process of high energy consumption, high pollution and high noise in the past, the production process of low energy consumption and no pollution is realized, and a technological revolution is brought to the production of textile printing and dyeing.

The production of digitally printing fabric has really realized the production process of small-batch and quick reaction, and the production batch is not limited. As the production process of digital printing has all realized computerized digital production, the flexibility of production has been greatly improved, and some products can even be delivered on the same day. It is desirable to wait for the moment. In addition, due to the application of computer technology, the printing of a series of patterns of the same pattern and different shades, and the designers' continuous modification of patterns and colours in the production process, have become a major technological advantage of digital printing production, which is different from traditional printing production.

The production process of digitally printing fabric greatly shortens the original process route, has fast order receiving speed and greatly reduces proofing cost. As the production process of digital printing is free from the process of colour separation, drafting, film making and screen making in the production process of traditional printing, the production time is greatly shortened. The way to accept patterns can be through various advanced means such as CD-ROM and e-mail. Generally, the proofing time is not more than one working day, while the traditional proofing period is usually about one week.

In addition, due to the simplification of the process, the proofing cost is also greatly reduced. The shortening of proofing cycle and the reduction of proofing cost have undoubtedly brought more market opportunities to enterprises under the market competition law that time is money and efficiency is life.

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