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In the daytime, solar street lights use solar panels to convert solar energy into electrical energy, which is stored in the battery through the solar street light controller, and the controller is used to control the battery to power the street light source at night. Recently, most areas of the country have ushered in successive rainy weather. In this environment, the efficiency of solar street lights to convert solar energy into electrical energy is very low, or even energy conversion. Then Outdoor String Lights Manufacturer will introduce the main reasons why solar street lights do not turn on during rainy days:

1. In the initial planning of solar street lights, it is necessary to consider the use of local solar resources, climate and environment and other conditions for solar street lights to reasonably equip the solar street light system. Before successive rainy days come, it is necessary to plan the electric energy converted by solar panels and the storage of batteries under sufficient light conditions to fully satisfy the local longest continuous rainy and rainy power supply to the street light source. In practice, some manufacturers or suppliers cannot reasonably equip solar street light systems based on local characteristics, or because their customers blindly seek the lowest price, some suppliers have to reduce equipment in order to promote this business. Even rainy days are one of the reasons why the lights are sometimes not turned on.

2. The quality of the lamp cap of the solar street light is not good enough, and the waterproof effect of the lamp cannot be reached. The light source is damaged after the lamp cap enters the water; in addition, nowadays, the solar street lamp is widely used as the LED light source, and its own quality problems will also show that it does not light up.

3. The solar street light controller is damaged. Some controllers are not properly waterproof, and successive rainy days will cause water ingress and damage when inverted. The charging and discharging operation of solar street lights, lighting is completed by solar street light controllers, good quality solar street light controllers, waterproof controllers, etc. should be selected.

4. The wiring is worn, broken, short-circuited, and the terminals are in poor contact. It has a big relationship with the construction quality, so professional construction personnel should be found for construction.

5. The battery is damaged. The quality of the battery is not too hard, and as its capacity decreases, the storage capacity cannot be reached; or the battery is not properly waterproofed, and the cabinet is damaged by water.

6. The location of the solar street light installation is unreasonable. Some solar street light installations in places with dark shadows cause insufficient power generation and long-term loss of batteries, which seriously affects the use and life span. It is necessary to thoroughly study the practical application of solar street lights, according to different areas, reasonably equip solar street light systems, and select high-quality accessories to ensure that solar street lights are always on for 365 days.

Through the above introduction, Solar Fence Post Cap Light Suppliers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.

Today, the Wholesale Solar Garden Lights Companyis here to teach you how to tell the quality of LED lights.

1. Observe the power factor of the LED lamp. The lower the power factor, the poorer the driving power supply and circuit design used by the LED, which will greatly reduce the service life of the LED lamp.

2. Look at the quality of the lamp bead used by the LED lamp, because the quality of the lamp bead directly determines the quality of the LED lamp, and the quality of the lamp bead determines the quality of the chip and the packaging technology.

3. Look at the light effect of the LED light. If the LED light is the same light bead, the higher the light effect, the higher the brightness; if the brightness is the same, the less power consumption, the LED light The more energy efficient.

4. Look at the heat dissipation of the LED lamp. If the lamp bead is at a high temperature, the light decay will become very large, which will shorten the life of the LED lamp and affect its lighting effect.

Through the above introduction, Garden Lights Manufacturers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.

With the continuous expansion of the outdoor string lights market, the public's requirements for products are constantly improving. The outdoor string lights manufacturer should also constantly learn and understand industry information and professional knowledge.

Structure and properties of raw materials:

1. Chip manufacturers: Top chips mainly come from the United States, Germany, Japan and Korea. This is related to the positioning of manufacturers, market conditions and policies. Different chip manufacturers generally have different stability.

2. Chip size: At present, the chip sizes of advertising light sources are: 9MIL,10MIL,12MIL,14MIL, etc. For the same chip, the larger the size, the higher the brightness, the stronger the bearing capacity, the better the stability, and of course the higher the price.

3. Life span of LED outdoor string lights: The life span of the best LED is only 50,000 hours at present, and the life span of LED chips is different due to the advanced differences of equipment used by packagers in production, technical differences, different packaging forms, different management, and different user usage methods.

4. Quality of circuit board: under the condition of the same LED quality, the quality of circuit board will have an important impact on the life of LED outdoor string lights. Circuit boards are divided into aluminum board, fiberglass board, semi-fiberglass board and paperboard. Aluminum plate has the best quality and the best heat dissipation effect, but the cost is too high. Domestic manufacturers generally only use it on high-power LED products.

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Solar lighting uses solar energy as energy, realizes photoelectric conversion by solar cells, accumulates and stores electric energy by batteries during the day, and supplies power to electric light sources by controllers at night, thus realizing the required functional lighting. As a renewable energy, solar energy is of great significance to energy construction. With the development of technology, the traditional lights with high energy consumption will be gradually replaced in the wholesale solar garden lights , and green lighting with energy saving and emission reduction will be realized.

Solar garden light is composed of solar cell module, storage battery, power controller and lighting module.

Advantages of solar garden lights:

1. energy saving: solar photoelectric conversion is used to provide electric energy, which is inexhaustible.

2. Environmental protection: no pollution, no noise and no radiation.

3. Safety: There are absolutely no accidents such as electric shock and fire.

3. Convenient: the installation is simple, and there is no need for stringing or digging construction, and there is no concern about power failure and power limitation.

4. Long service life: The product has high scientific and technological content, and the control system and accessories are international brands, intelligent design and reliable quality.

5. High grade: scientific and technological products, green energy, users attach importance to science and technology, improve the green image and upgrade the grade.

6. Less investment: One-time investment is equivalent to alternating current (alternating current investment starts from substation, incoming power, control box, cable and project), which is one-time investment and long-term benefit.

7. Wide application: solar energy comes from nature, so it can be used in any place with sunshine, especially suitable for green space landscape lighting, high-grade residential and outdoor lighting, coastal landscape lighting and ornament of tourist attractions, street lights of industrial development zones and industrial and mining enterprises, and outdoor lighting of universities.

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First, the solar path light supplier adopts the working principle of collecting and storing solar energy during the day and supplying power at night. It is worth mentioning that solar energy can be collected to the maximum extent and stored in a special storage battery, and the solar energy can be smoothly converted into electric energy, which can be provided to street lights, and the street lights can shine smoothly. In this way, even if it is rainy during the day, the lighting of street lights will not be affected at all, and it can work better.

Second, pollution-free street light facilities play a positive role in the environment. In order to better meet the needs of use, solar path light suppliers have continuously improved the performance of their products by adopting advanced production technology, which has greatly reduced the environmental pollution caused by them. Therefore, up to now, it has a good effect on the natural environment and will never cause any pollution to the environment.

Third, the facilities of solar path lights are very stable and reliable, and it is very simple to maintain. In this way, it can not only save a lot of human resources, but also play a better role in saving investment, which is an ideal light.

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You can't judge the quality of outdoor string lights only by looking at their appearance, so outdoor string lights manufacturer suggest that you need some simple operations to identify them:

1. Compare brightness: attach milky acrylic board to the same number of outdoor string lights, and then slowly lift a short distance to see if the brightness of light beads can meet your own requirements.

2. Comparing the current passing through outdoor string lights: white light is generally < =18-20MA in theory, and others are < =20-25MA. For modules and light strings with extremely high current, such as 25-40MA, I think users should consider their stability.

3. Uniform illumination: When observing white light, we must pay attention to whether there is chromatic aberration, which can be observed by covering it with milky acrylic board. Whether there is chromatic aberration is the most important part to distinguish the quality of white light, and it is also one of the main reasons leading to the price difference.

4. Wire identification: Silicone rubber sleeve, containing copper wires mostly tin-clad copper, with high purity and soft wire body. This is the best wire. Silicone rubber sleeve can resist oxidation for a long time, and tin-coated copper can also prevent oxidation of copper wire and make the wire body soft. More copper wires can pass more current without being burned out by large current.

5. Luminous angle: The same brightness, the larger the angle, the better. At present, the angle is generally 160-180 degrees. Large angles generally need to be made with large chips, and some manufacturers try to achieve an angle of 120-140 degrees in pursuit of brightness. Now, the market requires that the lights can be seen from the side, but the lights can't be seen from the side of the small angle lights.

6. Outdoor string lights light bead temperature: After lighting for a period of time, touch the light bead with your hand. If the temperature is very high or even hot, it is definitely not as stable as the low temperature. You can also look at the circuit board. Modules made of glass fiber are generally better than those made of cardboard.

7. Manufacturing process: How bright is the solder, whether it is full, whether there is virtual soldering, and the serious problem is virtual soldering. After a certain time, poor contact occurs. This affects heat dissipation and sign stability. Then the subsequent maintenance will be troublesome. At present, most small-scale manufacturers of advertising light sources are welded by hand, and the proficiency of workers directly affects the quality.

8. Waterproof treatment: As for the waterproof treatment of outdoor string lights, it is very important to see whether there is glue on the outside of PCB. The identification is also simple, and the skin can be removed. Because of product competition, many factories do not do three-proof treatment for circuit boards and components.

9. PVC shell: A better shell can resist ultraviolet rays, flame retardance, antifreeze and heat resistance. Transparent glue or PVC glue is generally of good quality. If the PVC rubber sleeve of the exposed light has poor elasticity and transparency, it is possible to reuse the nozzle material or have poor quality.

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There is an increasing demand for solar path light in the market. Because of its light weight, good energy saving effect and flexible installation, solar path lights have become the choice of outdoor lighting. With the improvement of solar path light suppliers , the permeability and lighting effect of solar path light have been greatly improved.

Solar path light belongs to light control, but it doesn't need to install light sensor separately. The turning on of the solar path light is determined by the output voltage of the photovoltaic panel. However, when the street light needs to be lit in the dark, the output voltage of the photovoltaic panel will also drop. When the voltage drops to a certain moment (for example, 5v), the microcontroller in the controller will automatically turn on the electronic switch and light up the street light.

The use of solar path lights for lighting is an economical and environmentally friendly power generation method, which can fully meet people's actual needs. Developing and using solar path lights to make solar energy serve human beings has many advantages, which fully conforms to people's environmental protection concept, and can make more friends fully understand the advantages of using solar energy, thus meeting people's lighting needs.

One of the main reasons why solar path lights can be developed so well is that they have great advantages in environmental protection and energy saving. For example, solar path lights do not contain heavy metals of lead, which can protect the environment well and convert most of the electric energy into light energy. If the quality is not good, these two aspects will be affected, and the purpose of people using solar path lights will be lost, so will the market.

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As we all know, solar wall lights are powered by solar energy, which turns on at dark and turns off at dawn. Many people don't understand how to control the lighting time of solar wall lights. Therefore, aiming at this problem, China solar wall light manufacturers give you a simple analysis of how to control the lighting time of solar wall lights.

The light control of the solar wall light is completed by the controller. The light control controller of the solar wall light has a light control point voltage, which is generally set to 3v or lower. When the solar light weakens, the voltage received by the controller will continue to drop. When it drops to the set value, the controller will get a dark signal, which will connect the battery and the light source circuit. At this time, it will form a complete circuit loop and the LED light source will light up; When the light gradually increases and reaches a certain voltage, the controller will think it is dawn, disconnect the battery and light source circuit, and connect the battery and photovoltaic panel circuit, so that the photovoltaic panel can charge the battery. At this time, the light source light goes out.

In fact, time control refers to the time when the lights are on every day, for example, the lights can be on for 4 hours, 5 hours, 6 hours or even 12 hours every day. The controller has the function of light control+time control, and lights up automatically at dark, so the solar wall light is safe, energy-saving, green, environment-friendly, stable and reliable without manual operation, and saves electricity and maintenance. Generally, the solar wall light controller does not have a built-in clock, and it generally does not operate according to the clock. The turning-on time generally triggers the turning-on circuit by monitoring the power generation current value of the solar panel, and the current value is generally set to 5ma, which can be adjusted correspondingly with the use time of the solar panel; New solar wall light controllers all support multi-time regulation, and the luminous power of lights can be set in different time periods, which should be adjusted according to actual needs.

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On the one hand, urban solar wall light are closely related to citizens' lives, and their operation directly affects the image of the Party and the government. China solar wall light manufacturers must enhance their awareness of the maintenance work of solar wall light and enhance their sense of responsibility through education. On the other hand, with the acceleration of scientific and technological progress in cities and the extensive application of new technologies, maintenance personnel are required to constantly update their professional knowledge of maintenance to meet the needs of work.

With the expansion of cities and the increase of the number of solar wall lights and service areas, the workload of maintenance personnel has increased greatly. Without increasing personnel, it is necessary to constantly improve and update maintenance equipment to improve work efficiency.

On the basis of delimiting the management area of solar wall lights, Chinese manufacturers of solar wall lights implement the responsibility system of maintenance at different levels. They should make regular inspection and regular maintenance.

Solar wall light is a kind of outdoor lighting fixture, which is usually installed on the light pole below 6 meters. Its main components are composed of light source, lights and light panel. Solar wall light has diversified and beautiful appearance.

1. the solar wall light is made of high-quality PC pipe, which is waterproof, dustproof, pressure resistant, cracked, high temperature resistant, low temperature resistant, flame retardant, impact resistant, anti-aging and anti-ultraviolet.

2. Stable and reliable, not easy to break, and extremely low maintenance cost.

Compared with high-voltage neon lights, solar wall lights are antistatic and have strong interference. Is a semiconductor device, low failure rate can save a lot of maintenance costs. The working voltage of LED outdoor light is only about 20VDC, even 10VDC can work normally, and the human body is always a safe voltage.

3. Super energy-saving and environment-friendly lighting cold light source with no radiation and no pollution.

Because the solar wall light directly converts about 90% of the electric energy into visible light, it has high luminous efficiency and basically does not generate heat. With the same luminous brightness, the power can be as low as one tenth of the traditional electric light source. If it is used for a long time, the energy-saving effect is considerable.

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There are three main reasons for the quality and safety problems of outdoor string lights manufacturer :

First, the low entry threshold for the industry has led to increased quality risks.  Western developed countries such as Europe and the United States have a great demand for holiday string light, which are easy to be touched by consumers during normal use. Once accidents occur, the hazards will be great.  However, some production enterprises are weak in technical strength, lack of perfect quality control system, and have very limited ability to deal with various foreign standards, which may cause deviations between the design requirements of products and the actual application conditions. Once the products are not tested before export, there will be greater quality risks.

Second, design defects have become the main source of the high incidence of quality problems of string light.  According to the report, the main quality problems of the string light include electric shock risk, fire and burn risk, and structural defects.  Among them, poor safety distance and insulation performance are the main quality problems, which easily lead to electric shock accidents. This also indicates that there are serious defects in the internal structure of such products and hidden quality risks have been buried in the design process.

Third, health and environmental protection projects have become new risk points.  Since the RoHS directive was implemented in 2005, restricted substances have been continuously increasing, the scope of substance evaluation has been expanding, and various harsh conditions have been continuously written into the new directive.

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The use effect of solar motion sensor lights has been recognized by people from all walks of life, so more and more solar motion sensor light manufacturer are also making use of them. For the production of solar motion sensor lights, the most important thing is to see whether the manufacturers have mastered the key technical problems of solar motion sensor lights. If they have a good grasp of the production technology of solar motion sensor lights, the production will certainly not be too bad.

1. Reasonable installation of controller

In the production process of solar motion sensor light, the battery controller must be properly installed. It is important to know that in the production process of solar energy, the battery controller controls all electric energy, whether it is discharged or recovered, so the battery controller must pay great attention to the installation of the battery, and the installation must be reasonable, otherwise it will affect the use.

2. Installation of lights and lanterns

Lights and lanterns are the main components of solar motion sensor lights. If other components are normal, then the lights and lanterns must not be installed properly. In the process of production, all lights to be installed shall be inspected first, and only those lights that have passed the inspection and are sure to have no problem shall be installed and used. However, certain installation problems should be paid attention to during the installation process. For example, these installations do not have high technical content. The main thing is to install them in place, so that normal use will not be affected.

3. Selection of storage battery

The service life of the solar motion sensor light depends entirely on the storage battery inside. If the storage battery is selected very well, the service effect will be no problem, and the service life will be relatively long. If the storage battery is selected poorly, the service effect will be greatly reduced.

There are not too many technical problems in the production of solar motion sensor lights, but the most important thing is the selection of storage batteries. In order to ensure a good effect of solar motion sensor lights, better storage batteries must be selected, and the service life can be prolonged at the same time. Otherwise, the use will be affected.

Want to know more about it, the garden lights manufacturers will answer your questions.

The installation, construction, engineering management and quality control of solar wall light manufacturers are also very important in the later maintenance. The solar wall light is installed outdoors, and all connecting parts of the solar wall light are wind resistant. Anti-bird of solar panel, anti-theft of solar panel, rain protection of street light inlet and outlet line and control room, insulation of storage battery in winter and cooling in summer, ventilation of storage battery room, waterproof of storage battery room, etc. The installation and construction of solar wall lights are generally characterized by tight time, remoteness, poor transportation conditions, strong technology, and many fragile and vulnerable parts. Organization and management and quality control are crucial.

1. The dustproof felt strip of lights and lanterns shall be complete, and repair and replacement shall be required for damage.

2. The reflector of lights and lanterns should not be damaged or deformed in the process of transportation and installation. The light shade should be equipped with aprons. When the light socket is damaged, it should be exchanged in time.

3. The lights need to be replaced if they are corroded or deformed.

4. Lights and lanterns should be straight, if there is loose, tilt phenomenon, need to be replaced in a timely manner.

5. The retaining ring of the brightly lit cover should be complete without damage.

6. Lights and lanterns, the light body cannot be skewed, solid screws need to be fixed well, to avoid loosening.

Want to know more about it, the solar fence post cap light suppliers will answer your questions.

With the development of landscape light, the service life of landscape lights can be very long. If the landscape light break down during use, there are four main reasons.

1. Poor construction quality

Faults caused by construction quality account for a large proportion. The main manifestations are as follows: first, the depth of cable trench is not enough and the paving of sand cover bricks is not carried out according to the standard; Second, the manufacture and installation of corridor tubes do not meet the requirements, and the ends are not made into mouthwash according to the standard. Third, when laying cables, they are dragged on the ground. Fourth, the embedded pipe of the foundation is not constructed according to the standard requirements, mainly because the embedded pipe is too thin and has a certain degree of bending, which makes it quite difficult to pass through the cable. The landscape light manufacturer has "dead bending" at the bottom of the foundation. Fifth, the thickness of wire nose crimping and insulation wrapping is not enough, which will cause interphase short circuit after long-term operation.

2. The materials do not pass the test.

Judging from the faults handled in recent years, the low quality of materials is also a big factor. The main manifestations are: the wires contain less aluminum, the wires are relatively hard, and the insulation layer is thin. This kind of situation is more common in recent years.

3, supporting engineering quality but hard

Landscape light cables are usually laid on sidewalks. Poor pavement construction quality and subsidence of the ground make the cable deformed under stress, resulting in cable armouring. In particular, the northeast region is located in a high and cold region. When winter comes, the cable and soil will form a whole. Once the ground subsides, it will be strained at the bottom of the landscape light foundation, and when there is much rain in summer, it will burn off at the foundation root.

4. unreasonable design

On the one hand, it is overload operation. With the continuous development of urban construction, landscape lights also continue to extend. When new landscape lights are built, they are often connected to the circuit that is close to the landscape light. In addition, the advertising industry has developed rapidly in recent years, and the advertising load is also connected to the landscape lights accordingly, which makes the landscape lights overloaded, cables overheated, insulation reduced, and short circuit to ground etc. On the other hand, when designing the light pole, only the light pole's own situation is considered, ignoring the space of the cable head. After the cable head is wrapped, most of the doors cannot be closed. Sometimes the cable length is not enough, and the joint fabrication does not meet the requirements. This is also the cause of the failure.

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The market demand for solar outdoor lights is increasing. Solar outdoor lights have become the choice for outdoor lighting due to their light weight, good energy saving effect and flexible installation. With the improvement of solar outdoor light manufacturer in the industry, the permeability and lighting effect of solar outdoor lights have been greatly improved.

The solar outdoor light belongs to light control, but there is no need to add a light sensor separately. The opening of the solar outdoor light is determined by the output voltage of the photovoltaic panel. However, when the street light needs to be lit in the dark, the output voltage of the photovoltaic panel will also drop. When the voltage drops to a certain finger (such as 5v), the microcontroller in the controller will automatically turn on the electronic switch to light the street light.

Today, in our life, solar energy is also a kind of project benefiting the people. It is much more cost-effective for solar outdoor lights to generate electricity through solar energy than it is for us to generate electricity through thermal power. This is the fundamental reason why many countries, including China, are vigorously promoting this method. It is very cost-effective to generate electricity through solar energy, whether from the national or individual aspects.

The use of solar outdoor lights is an economical and environmentally friendly way of generating electricity and can fully meet people's actual needs. The development and use of solar outdoor lights to make solar energy serve human beings has many advantages, which fully conforms to people's environmental protection concept and enables more friends to fully understand and realize the advantages of using solar energy, thus meeting people's lighting needs.

One of the main reasons why the solar outdoor light can be developed so well is that it has great advantages in environmental protection and energy saving. For example, the solar outdoor light does not contain heavy metals of lead, which protects the environment well and can convert most of the electric energy into light energy. If the quality is not good, it will be affected in both aspects, thus the purpose of people using the solar outdoor light will be lost and the market will be lost.

The low voltage light is also one of our product, welcome to buy and purchase!

Landscape lights have good lighting efficiency and energy saving, and the high-brightness LED light source greatly improves the lighting conditions of this section. In addition, the shape of landscape lights reflects the design concept of popular lighting columns, which are suitable for public places, squares, commercial pedestrian streets, parks, villas, hotels and other places.

landscape light manufacturer is endowed with many positive meanings in the colorful world. They not only reveal the vitality and enterprising spirit of the city but also symbolize the good wishes of peace and prosperity for the people and the prosperous times. They also present a colorful charm scenery line for the night of the city. In addition, it has the following advantages:

1. The landscape light source is light in structure and small in volume can adapt to various sizes and spaces and has the characteristics of impact resistance, shock resistance and uneasy breakage.

2. The light source of the landscape light has the characteristics of pure color, rich color and can be changed at will, and its flexibility is very good. It can form a variety of shapes of dots, lines, surfaces and balls and has decorative properties.

3. The landscape light has a long service life and does not need frequent maintenance. In addition, it has good controllability and rich colors, so it is perfectly suitable for city night lighting.

Want to know more about it, the string light manufacturer will answer your questions.

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