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Reverse osmosis membranes are usually installed on water purifiers. Even many customers need to know what kind of reverse osmosis membrane is used before they buy water purifiers. So everyone knows how to distinguish the quality of reverse osmosis membranes and how Reverse Osmosis Systems Supplier(KOKOELECTRIC) can troubleshoot.

Reverse osmosis membrane is the core element to realize reverse osmosis. It is an artificial semi-permeable membrane with certain characteristics, which is made by simulating biological semi-permeable membrane. Generally made of polymer materials. Such as cellulose acetate film, aromatic hydrazide film and aromatic polyamide film. The diameter of the surface micropores is generally between 0.5 and 10 nm, and the permeability is related to the chemical structure of the membrane itself. Some polymer materials have good repellency to salt, but the water transmission rate is not good. Some polymer materials have more hydrophilic groups in their chemical structure, so the water transmission speed is relatively fast. Therefore, a satisfactory reverse osmosis membrane should have appropriate permeability or desalination rate.

The decline of desalting rate and water yield is the most common fault in reverse osmosis and nanofiltration systems. Blockage of the water inlet passage of membrane element and the increase of component pressure difference are another typical fault. If the desalting rate and water yield decline relatively gently, it indicates that the system has normal fouling, which can be treated by proper and regular cleaning.

However, rapid or sudden performance decline indicates that the system has defects or misoperation, and it is necessary to take corresponding corrective measures as soon as possible, because any delay in treatment will lose the opportunity to restore the system performance, and at the same time, extremely low water production and extremely high water and salt production TDS will also occur. Normal recording of operating data and standardization of system performance are necessary for early detection of potential problems. It includes correct correction of all instruments. Without accurate data, it may be too late when problems occur.

Once performance degradation is found, the first step to solve the problem is to determine the location of the problem and find out the cause of the problem, which can be realized by using an operating parameter record table or some on-line measuring instruments. If the system is equipped with necessary sampling points or instruments, troubleshooting can be carried out more effectively.

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When the water output of the water purifier becomes small, we have to go through the principle of clean water and the process of clean water to understand the possible problems. The common water purifier in the market is a Water Filter Cartridges(KOKOELECTRIC) type water purifier, which filters the water quality through two or more water filter cartridges of different materials. In the process of water purification, the water enters the pipeline from the pressure barrel, booster pump and valve port of the water inlet and then is transported to the water filter cartridges for filtration. Any link in the process may be the cause of abnormal water output of the water purification device.

1. In the water inlet process of the water purifier, first of all, it is necessary to determine whether there is any problem with the water pressure of tap water. Due to the temperature drop and other reasons, the fluidity of water will slow down, resulting in smaller water output. If the water pressure is too small, it is necessary to consider adding a booster pump to boost the water supply. Check whether there is air leakage in the pressure barrel; if there is a booster pump, check whether there is any problem with the booster pump and accessories and whether the water delivery pipeline is damaged or leaking.

2. The problem of water filter cartridges is an important reason for most water outlet problems. Each layer of water filter cartridges may be blocked due to filtration problems, further resulting in small water output. Of course, the water filter cartridges are the key of the water purifier. Whether there is a blockage or not, it should be replaced regularly to ensure the quality of clean water and avoid secondary pollution.

3. The internal components of the water purifier are defective or malfunctioning, which also directly affects the water output of the water purifier. It is necessary to check whether the internal and external components of the water purifier are loose or damaged.

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At present, the pressure of life is increasing. Apart from the high material requirements, everyone is also paying special attention to the health of the body. Besides food health, the most important health of drinking water cannot be ignored. Therefore, water purification equipment has become a necessity for many families. Today, I'd like to introduce to you some points for attention in choosing the Tap Filter & Shower Filter(KOKOELECTRIC)

1. Pay attention to the number of filtering stages

The higher the number of filter elements, the better the filtering effect. Some low-end water purification products have many filter elements. It looks as if they have been filtered layer by layer, but most of them use simple filter materials. In fact, the effect is not as good as a high-performance filter element. We can know the water source and water quality of our home in advance. According to the local water quality problems, choose the tap filter & shower filter that are suitable for you. If the filter elements of tap filter & shower filter are not suitable for you, it is useless to select more stages.

2. Plastic housing and stainless steel housing

Many friends think that stainless steel shell will definitely be superior to plastic. In fact, stainless steel has the problem of heavy metals, so good quality stainless steel shell water purifier must be equipped with KDF membrane, so the price will be increased. And plastic is less of these problems.

At present, many big brands are using ABS resin, which is the global development direction. The advantages of plastic have been tested by users all over the world and are fully used in water purifier products. Therefore, the ABS resin shell is more user-selective than stainless steel shell.

3. The problem of filtering accuracy

The filtering accuracy is also worth noting because the water quality in the south is different from that in the north, which is suitable for pure water filters to filter trace substances. The south is suitable for ultrafiltration filters, which can filter macromolecular substances in water. It can be said that according to the local water quality problems and its own functional requirements, choose the appropriate water purifier filtration accuracy. If the chosen precision is not suitable for oneself, no matter how high the precision is, it is useless.

4. Not necessarily foreign big names

There is no doubt that domestic brands are more influential than foreign brands, so many friends tend to choose foreign brands when choosing, but the water purifier has a very important point is the difference in water quality in the region.

5. Don't buy high-priced goods indiscriminately.

The tap filter & shower filter are not technically high, and the key to the price difference lies in the number of grades of filter materials. As mentioned above, the number of filter stages is not as high as possible. According to different water quality, some filtering materials are not used in one's own house, thus causing waste, while the corresponding filtering materials that are really needed may not be fully equipped, thus causing waste of funds. Therefore, it is still necessary to select the appropriate tap filter & shower filter according to the local water quality problem and its own functional requirements.

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Water for improving family life was originally a drinking fountain. However, with the exposure of the black-heart barrel, many consumers are afraid to use the water dispenser again, returning to the state of boiling water with the kettle. However, boiling water is not the safest, and bacterial impurities remain. At this time, the Water Filter Spare Parts(KOKOELECTRIC)
 quietly came into being.

Water filter spare parts are more direct in improving water quality than drinking fountains and kettle boiling. From the pre-filter to the central water filter to the central water softener to the final level, the direct drinking machine can be seen to have a more comprehensive purification function. It goes without saying that the kitchen washes dishes and cooks, the bathroom showers and purifies, and the laundry and washing can also be realized by turning on the tap for direct drinking. Water filters have formed a set of production systems to improve the quality of tap water supplied by water pipes, and are committed to building a domestic water purification system to thoroughly improve the quality of domestic water.

The water filter is not so much a purchase of new household appliances as a construction of a new concept of the living room. This concept is gradually being adopted and accepted by people, and more and more people are beginning to try to filter and purify water sources and use more suitable water quality for life. Water filters have been gradually incorporated into the life of the home.

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Tap Filter & Shower Filter(KOKOELECTRIC)
 ensure the health of consumers to a certain extent. Industry experts for many years said: At present, tap water is affected by three aspects: the quality of water sources and the technology of tap water plants, as well as the secondary pollution during transportation and storage.

The market prospect of tap filter & shower filter is still very considerable. Tap water contains residual chlorine, rust, bacteria, heavy metals, colloid, and other harmful substances, which seriously endanger human health. Therefore, no one dares to drink tap water directly, and most of the tap water is still boiled for drinking. Therefore, the market prospect of tap filter & shower filter is in great demand. In order to solve these drinking water problems, a scientific point of view must be to sample and study the domestic water quality so as to develop tap filter & shower filter that conform to the local water quality. Real-time monitoring of water quality in various areas, so as to adjust the tap filter & shower filter product development. Judging from the penetration rate of water purifiers in developed countries, the number of tap filter & shower filter installed in China is less than 10%. Therefore, the tap filter & shower filter have great market potential.

The market prospect of tap filter & shower filter can meet the needs of consumers and occupy the market only by selecting a manufacturer with appropriate product cost-performance ratio. Tap filters and shower filters will replace bottled water, forming a peripheral competitive product for the current tap filter and shower filter industry, namely bottled water. The current situation of tap filter & shower filter industry is not the same industry, but bottled water. However, careful people will find that tap filter & shower filter are very suitable choices both in terms of cost and hygiene. Filter membranes for tap filter & shower filter are also very important. The market is also full of various famous filter membranes, PPcotton, etc. In fact, only one function is to filter impurities above a certain scale. Secondly, pay attention to whether the filter element can filter odor and improve taste (any filter element can do it with activated carbon water purifier, but the structure of the filter element has a different influence, life, and price difference).

The current market situation of tap filter & shower filter is developing at a rate of more than 40% every year. The market prospect of tap filter & shower filter is gradually moving from urbanization to villages and towns and even has begun to become rural. The market prospect of tap filter & shower filter predicts that the national scale of tap filter & shower filter will reach hundreds of billions in the next three to five years.

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