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Title: Realize The Full-automatic Processing Of Household Appliances Mould Manufacturin
Post by: xiuumin on 01 July 2020, 09:27:27
At present, China's low-tech Household appliances mould parts processing has exceeded the demand, while the high-tech medium and high-grade moulds are far from meeting the demand. There is still much room for development of household appliances mould.

It is reported that in recent years, the structural adjustment of the domestic household appliances mould processing industry has accelerated, mainly manifested in the development speed of large-scale, precise, complex and long-life moulds and mould standard parts higher than the overall development speed of the industry; The proportion of plastic mould and injection mould increases, and the number and capacity of professional mould manufacturers facing the market increase rapidly.

Enterprises should be encouraged to increase high-level equipment, especially the backbone enterprises should be equipped with a complete set of equipment from rough machining and heat treatment to various finishing, finishing, quality control and monitoring, and the general enterprises should be equipped with numerical control processing equipment to realize fully automatic processing of mould manufacturing. Actively encourage enterprises to cooperate with colleges and universities to innovate and carry out technical cooperation, and widely adopt computer-aided technology and artificial intelligence technology to make design decisions, simulate analysis and optimize design, so as to enhance the technological innovation capability of enterprises. In the future, we should continue to pay attention to the adjustment and positioning of product structure, further improve the manufacturing technology level of moulds, and occupy the high-grade mould market with complex structure, high precision and high technical content.

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