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Title: Dustbin Mould Shrinks When Cooled
Post by: xiuumin on 12 February 2020, 10:04:04
In the process of producing products, the gap is the most common bad phenomenon. The Dustbin Mould(FURNITUREMOULD) shrinks when it cools. The surface of the early cooling part hardens and bubbles are generated inside. The so-called dent is the slow cooling in the direction of bubble shrinkage. Partially created a prominent depression.

Materials with large shrinkage also produce dents. When you want to change the molding conditions to eliminate dents, set the condition to a small contraction direction. That is to say, the mold temperature, the barrel temperature is lowered, and the injection pressure is increased, but it should be noted that this may cause residual internal stress.

Because the dent is inconspicuous, if it does not affect the appearance time, it is deliberately processed into a corrosive appearance such as streaks, granules, and the like. In addition, if the molding material is the buttocks, it is also effective to lower the mold temperature to reduce the finish. However, once these methods have dents, it is difficult to repair the polished product.

Immediately: Increase the injection pressure, extend the time to maintain the pressure, lower the barrel temperature and mold temperature, and force cooling where dents are created.

Long-term: The difference in thickness of the design product should be completely avoided. Easy to produce concave reinforcement, the shape of the long and narrow should be as short as possible.

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